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We have added everything we know about Ember including its review, story, gameplay, release date, trailers, walkthroughs & more.

Ember Review:

Ember is a classic RPG & this project took 10 years in development. The game allows players to control a revived Light bringer & enter the planet of ember to save the dying embers as the planet is about to destroy. Being a Light bringer, players can cross big environments divided b/w above ground & underground kingdoms extending from forests to deserts & abysses to arrive at the City of Light. Check out how the narrative uncovers through encounters with strangers by making pivotal choices about their own fate.

Ember Story:

In the earliest days of this world, there was no sun & the planet was in dark. The heavens opened up & stars fell into the dark planet & they were called embers. A race of druids was roaming the world & were looking for embers. They performed a ritual of awakening to take this luminous matter out of their deep slumber. The planet got bright, & the darkness was lifted from this world.

Ember Gameplay:

  • Classic role playing game with over 30 hours of escapade.
  • The game offers epic tale telling filled with interesting heroes, story, escapade & humor.
  • This game includes seventy missions with different gameplay that allow players to decide their route.
  • Pleasing party based real time battle system with strategic pause.
  • More than sixty-five battle abilities that can be used in customized combat party strategy.
  • Face many non-playable characters with their own stories to narrate.
  • This game provides a detailed crafting system from baking bread to building magic weaponry.
  • The planet of Ember is seamless with more than 20 handcrafted surroundings & dark dungeons that are completely interactive & feature moveable items, changes in weather & day/night cycles.
  • Voyage with different friends with their own backstory missions.

Ember Specifications:

  • Developer: N-Fusion Interactive
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Release Date (Switch): 21 January 2020
  • Platforms: PC, iPhone & Nintendo Switch


  1. Ember is 1 of my top selection of this month

    1. Hi Elijah!
      Ember is based on a unique idea. I am glad to know that it is one of your top pick of January. Thank you for dropping a comment.


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