Apex Legends includes 7 new modes in Grand Soiree Arcade which is live now:

A new trailer is launched for the next event in Apex Legends, also known as Grand Soiree Arcade. The event starts on 14 January & will proceed until 28 January 2020. Season 3 will terminate on 3 February, so Grand Soiree Arcade will most likely be the last limited time event for this season.

Unlike earlier events, which usually add 1 new mode, this event includes 7. Each mode will be available 1 at a time, with each of them will be live for 2 days before the game transitions to the next 1. Find all 7 modes in action in the video added below:

Gold Rush Duos is the 1st mode which sees teams of 2 drop onto World’s Edge.

Next mode is Live Die Live, which respawns all dead players on their surviving teammates whenever the ring closes.

Third Person mode is the 3rd mode which lets you play the complete match from 3rd person view & 1st person view is not available.

The fourth mode is very stressful. It is called Always Be Closing & it will see the ring constantly closing in, so it means that the team need to move or they will die.

6th mode is Kings Canyon After Dark, which puts team into the game’s original map but at night time.

The last mode is Dummies Big Day which is a strange mode that transform all players into dummy looking 3D renders & it is hard to distinguish who is who.

New skins are available in this event. More skins can be unlocked by finishing event challenges.

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