Dead or School Improvements, New Features, & Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer Mode:

Dead or School is a side scrolling, action RPG. The game is shown from the side & is set in Tokyo, which is occupied by large number of monsters. Be ready to fight against common monks & take part in dangerous boss fights. During fight, you must avoid hits from enemies, & hit your enemy with remarkable attack combinations.

Dead or School Review
Image Credit: Studio Nanafushi

Dead or School Story:

In an imaginary future world many humans were plagued with virus which transformed them into creatures.  This led to fight between the two species leading to humans’ defeat and consequently taking underground refuge. Being afraid of the creatures, the humans went more and more underground and in the process lost scientific development and cultural heritage.

Decades later some young people from Ikebukuro contrived to come upward to the earth surface avoiding enemy attacks due to clever tactics of Hisako, daughter of the chief of underground population.

Dead or School Gameplay:

Using best blades can aid you in fight. Blades can be upgraded, by enhancing their attack strength, weight & extra effects, can be enhanced by acquiring parts found in the game surroundings. Get blades & gear from enemies. Players can also customize playable character’s skill tree in order to create a best character. They can grab onto steel frames, get in & out of enemies range, complete challenging levels, & progress to the next stage. They can gather items & create their own stuff.

In this post, I have added enhancements & new features of Dead or School. Also a very good multiplayer mode is available in this game for local players via split-screen or players using internet.

Dead or School Key Features:

  • GENRE: Action, Indie, RPG
  • DEVELOPER: Studio Nanafushi
  • PUBLISHER: Studio Nanafushi
  • PLATFORMS: PS4, Nintendo Switch & PC Windows
  • RELEASE DATE (PS4 & Nintendo Switch): 13 March 2020
  • RELEASE DATE (PC): 3 June 2019

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