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The game is very motivating and inspiring as you are required to solve the mystery of the locked down Alabaster and its missing crew.

Once onboard, you must survey various documents / communications and undertake comprehensive investigation to find out why the vessel was locked down and how the crew disappeared.

A bit of deep concentration will solve the puzzle.

Filament Review

Filament Story:

Player board The Alabaster, which is a research spaceship. The ship crew is missing & the ship is locked down. Player has to bring back the ship under control with the help of pilot named Juniper. Find out what happened to the disappeared space crew & all the mysteries surrounding the ship. Player has to crack mind-boggling puzzles in the process.  

Filament Story
Filament Story
(Image Credit: Beard Envy)

Filament Gameplay:

It is a marvelous single-player game with puzzles that need to be solved. Player has to board the spaceship. Try to find out how the ship crew disappeared. Crack difficult puzzles during the course of the game in order to progress through the game. Your goal is to know what happened to the crew on the space ship.

Player can explore the spaceship, & has to crack more than 300 tricky puzzles. During the course of the game, player is in contact with Juniper. Know about her & about her lost crew members as she opens up about herself.

Filament Gameplay
Filament Gameplay
(Image Credit: Beard Envy)

On the spaceship, player has to search crew logs, messages, records & personal items as well. Try to know who were the disappeared crew, & maybe that is how you can find out why these crewmembers left.

Filament Key Features:

  • GENRE: Indie, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: Beard Envy
  • PUBLISHER: Kasedo Games
  • RELEASE DATE: Available
  • PLATFORMS: PC Windows & Linux

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