An interview with Peter Nilsson of Blackfox Studios:

Fatshark is a self-publishing studio that designs, develops and publishes high profile games for PC and consoles. The studio team comprises of 120 ablest employees, who are always looking forward to new and exciting projects. Fatshark has developed Lead and Gold, Vermintide 1, Vermintide 2, Krater and more games.

Fatshark launches Dreadlands in Early Access, which is developed by the Blackfox Studios. Blackfox Studios, an Indie Studio founded in 2017, comprised of experienced and skilled developers. Peter Nilsson is the founder and CEO of Blackfox Studios. Moreover, he is working as a Creative Director and Programmer at the company.

Fatshark is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The interview session is conducted with former senior Fatshark developer Peter Nilsson, who is currently leading the Blackfox Studios.

Peter Nilsson

Hello Peter Nilsson and a warm welcome to Games Cover!

Q1. Would you tell us a little about yourself, your company, and what drew you to the game industry?

I'm Peter Nilsson, Creative Director and programmer at Blackfox Studios. I started my professional career as an IT-consultant and worked a lot with different media it-systems around the world, but being a gamer all my life I really wanted to get into the game dev scene. So when the chance presented itself to join a small dev company just starting out in a basement in Stockholm, I didn't hesitate and jumped on board. That company grew and became Fatshark, which today is around 120 people. I stayed with Fatshark for over 10 years. I really enjoyed working there, and made lots of friends. But I also had a dream of starting my own studio with a stronger focus on strategy games. So with some help from the great guys at Fatshark I started Blackfox Studios and here we are today, just launched our first game into Early Access! Exciting times indeed!

Q2: How was the process and experience of developing your first game?

It's really fun developing your own game but it's also very hard, and you really have to commit it all the way. I had some initial ideas of what I wanted the game to be but it has taken on a life of its own and evolved a lot since I presented the first prototype.

Q3: What kinds of games are you looking forward to publish?

More turn based games! We love all kinds of turn-based and strategy games and that is where our focus is.

Q4. Which of your game are you most proud of and why?

Dreadlands! It's been a long and fantastic road and I'm extremely proud of what we have accomplished with Dreadlands!


Of the games I've worked on at Fatshark I think the Vermintide series since it was such a success for Fatshark as a company and for me personally doing a lot of ai work on the skavens, which by coincidence is actually my army of choice when it comes to Warhammer.

Q5. Your new turn based skirmish game “Dreadlands” looks beyond awesome! Can you tell us a little bit about the story of the game?

It's a post-apocalyptic setting some years after a very quick world war. It takes place in the wondrous weird area called Dreadlands. The reason why Dreadlands is so messed up is because of Glow, a resource found exclusively there. Glow is astoundingly versatile with near-miraculous properties which you can sell for a big profit. This has created a gold rush to the Dreadlands and lots of Gangs fighting for the riches of Glow. But Glow also wreaks havoc on the nature and animals occupying Dreadlands, mutating them beyond recognition. In this world the player is trying to establish themselves as one of the top gangs by doing missions for the different factions, collecting glow and fighting other gangs.

Q6. What is your next project after Dreadlands?

We don't know yet; we are fully focusing on bringing Dreadlands into full release.

Q7. Video game developing / publishing can be a tiring process; how will you refrain from burning out?

Yes, it really is. It's hard when you are a small team and really need to get something ready for an event or a beta or something and there are bugs that really need to be solved. Personally I try to find energy spending time with my wife and kids and just try not to think about game dev stuff for a few hours. Playing some games or painting some miniatures together does wonders for the stress level.

Q8. What advice do you have for ambitious developers / publishers?

Don't give up. It's really hard to get a game project all the way from idea to concept to a playable prototype to showcasing it for publishers and investors. And even harder to get it released. But it’s worth it in the end. 

Blackfox Studios is currently working to release the full version of Dreadlands. We wish Peter greater achievements in future too! Thank you, Peter for taking time for the interview and sharing your experience.


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