SnowRunner Improvements, Top Features, Local and Online Multiplayer:

MudRunner received critical acclamation & its second part SnowRunner looks promising too. SnowRunner review is not based on the final product.

Get ready to face challenges on icy terrains. SnowRunner is an offroad driving simulator that puts you in the driver's seat as you face treacherous terrains using a very professional terrain simulation game.

SnowRunner Review

The Michigan map of the game seems very similar to previous game. It sends you on a trip through forest & muddy rivers to rescue vehicles.

Snowy vehicles must travel through frozen lakes, & snowbanks, as well as crossing the hills, to finish their quests. Check out the game maps from watchtowers, which offer you an opportunity to locate quests & strategies your path. You can complete multiple jobs. To finish jobs you will need vehicles & upgrades.

SnowRunner Review
SnowRunner Review
(Image Credit: Saber Interactive)

Moving from one point to another in SnowRunner is like solving a riddle whose solutions are made up of engines & wheels, & a little math is involved too. Travelling from one place to another is extremely rewarding.

This game is set in new locations, & uses new weather. You need to travel through impossible locations. You can cross mud & rocks, & face more difficulties in the form of dangerous tracks & terrain covered in snow & ice, that seem pretty challenging & interesting at the same time.

Deliver goods from one place to another without damaging the goods, & avoid all the obstacles in your path.

There are multiple choices available in choosing vehicles. You can also customize your own vehicles. A cooperative mode is available that allows up to 4 gamers to play together.

SnowRunner Gameplay:

SnowRunner allows you to play as a driver who must drive heavy vehicles. You need to overcome open environments using the most advanced vehicular simulation game ever.

SnowRunner lets you drive forty vehicles in an open world full of dangers. Avoid challenges in the form of mud, torrential waters, frozen lakes & snow, while completing your missions which include delivering goods & other contracts. Customize your vehicle to make your job easier & multiple accessories are available such as chain tires to fight the snow or exhaust snorkel for heavy waters.

SnowRunner Gameplay
SnowRunner Gameplay
(Image Credit: Saber Interactive)

SnowRunner Top Features:

  • You are facing challenging driving missions on rough, treacherous & unfrequented landscape.
  • Have a perfect driving experience on the wild natural surroundings.
  • Enjoy driving alone or with your friends.
  • Select the type of vehicle according to your aspirations and desires.
  • Enjoy driving on the muddy & rocky environments.
  • Avail the liberty to chain your tires to fit the situation on jerky & bumpy landscapes.
  • Explore the enchanting scenery on the way & feel the independence of driving in the wild nature.
  • Carry heavy cargoes by driving on torrential rain waters and snow filled backgrounds.

SnowRunner Key Features:

  • Release Date: 28 April, 2020
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Series: Spintires
  • Genre: Simulation Video Game
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, & PC Windows


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