Find solution of graphical math puzzle:

Solve graphical math puzzle

It is a graphical math puzzle. There are balloons of three colors: Red, Green & Blue. First row of the puzzle contains a green balloon followed by yellow & another yellow balloon.

Second row shows blue balloon followed by another blue & a green balloon.

The third & the last row has an unknown balloon. It consists of a yellow balloon followed by green, & then the last balloon is unknown. It asks us which color balloon should fit in it?

We need to choose the right answer from three balloons:

A) Yellow
B) Blue
C) Green

If we look row wise, then we can’t solve this question. First row has a green balloon & 2 yellow.

Second row has 2 blue balloons followed by green.

Third row has yellow balloon followed by green balloon & an unknown.

It seems like other rows had 2 yellow & 2 blue balloons so this row would have 2 green balloons but this is not the correct answer.

So when we look at this question from column wise we see that.

First column has all 3 colors of balloons.

Second column has again all colors of balloons.

Third column has a yellow & green balloon but one balloon is missing. So it is clear that the missing balloon is blue.

Hence we have solved the graphical puzzle.

Correct Answer: B) Blue

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