Alwa’s Legacy Review, New Features, Updates and Improvements:

It is a puzzle solving action-suspense game. The leading role is played by a girl who is acting as female protagonist in the game.

The plot is about exploration and suspense filled adventures, containing lot of excitement and danger-surmounting-actions.

Alwa’s Legacy Review

You ought to use your reflexes while moving through the bewildering and incomprehensible rooms and dungeons each having different settings. The game is full of thrilling actions and suspense.

Alwa’s Legacy Story:

The game ‘Alwa's Legacy’ is played in the background of ‘Alwa’ with a strong girl ‘Zoe’ depicted as female protagonist. As the game starts, the protagonist is seen waking up in mysterious surroundings. Strangely, she found out that creatures and environment seemed familiar, but couldn’t identify who they are and where she is. She imagined that she had seen this place before but could not recall when?

The protagonist in her utter bewilderment was immersed in her thought process when a very old and weak woman approached and started talking with her.

Alwa’s Legacy Story
Alwa’s Legacy Story
(Image Credit: Elden Pixels)

The old woman revealed in impressive tone that the protagonist was sent to liberate and protect the people of the locality. She further revealed that the protagonist was competent and courageous to contest like a champion against the dangerous opponents.

She further directed the female protagonist to proceed to the city of ‘Westwood’ where they will meet again and discuss further secrets and her course of action.

Alwa’s Legacy Gameplay:

The player utilizes the mystical creatures to traverse the surrounding areas by solving puzzles. During the adventure, the player will meet dangerous creatures, fight out and over-come antagonists to save the township of ‘Alwa’. The protagonist is vigorously strong and seems relevant to the game combined with strategic sills.
The game contains retro elements including prisons, magical beings and prehistoric mysteries and the environment is full of risky explorations.

Alwa’s Legacy Review, New Features, Improvements & Updates
Alwa’s Legacy Review, New Features, Improvements & Updates
(Image Credit: Elden Pixels)

The player has wide choice to play as ‘explorative’, ‘offensive’ or ‘strategic’.

Experience treacherous adventures and explorations. The land of ‘Alwa’ is full of mysteries to be discovered and puzzles to be solved.

The player has to exercise quick response, conduct adventurous explorations to find a way forward and liberate the land.

Alwa’s Legacy Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Indie
  • Developer: Elden Pixels
  • Publisher: Elden Pixels
  • Platforms: PC Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

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