Pokemon sleep Review, Gameplay, & How this App Works:

The ‘Pokémon Company’ is determined to turn sleeping into entertainment. Pokémon is developing many other apps which will revolutionize the gaming perspective. However, no more information is revealed so far.

Pokemon Sleep - How It Works

What is Pokemon Sleep & how it works?

‘Pokemon Sleep’ is a unique app which tracks the length of time user sleeps using the ‘accelerometer’ of the external Poké Ball Plus add-on, & transmits the information to your cell phone via Bluetooth for sleep-related gameplay. Though its functioning details is not yet revealed, the ‘Pokémon Company’ has assured to convert "sleeping into amusement".

The ‘Pokémon’ ‘Go-Plus-Plus’ is aimed to act like sleep observing device due to in-built ‘accelerometer’, connected to a mobile-phone via Bluetooth. The device will disclose information about length of time one sleep.

How Pokemon Sleep motivates user?

The app is designed to observe users’ sleep patterns & give incentive for time spent while sleeping. The idea is to motivate players to wake up every morning. “The concept of this app is to help users to get up in the morning as explained by ‘Tsunekazu Ishihara’, president & CEO of ‘The Pokémon Company’.

What is the release date of Pokemon Sleep & what about its gameplay?

Pokemon Sleep Gameplay
Pokemon Sleep Gameplay

A new ‘Pokémon’ app, ‘Pokémon-Sleep’ is in progress to monitor player's sleep & utilize info for gameplay.

Info regarding length of time one sleep & when wake up will have impact, but not elaborated what kind of impact it will have.

The company executive boasted to convert sleep into amusement. The chief executive of the ‘Pokémon Company’, ‘Tsunekazu Ishihara’ informed the release will be soon.

The sales of Pokémon games have exceeded 340 million units which is a record.

The company is reluctant to disclose the working of the app. However, it is anticipated it will rely on the time spent during sleep & when user wakes up.

What is the advantage of Pokemon Sleep?

The objective is to give incentives for good sleep & promote healthy-lifestyle. It is being developed by ‘Select Button’, which formerly worked in partnership with the company on the smartphone app ‘Magikarp Jump’. ‘Niantic’, the developer of ‘Pokémon Go’, is also supporting.

‘Pokémon Go’ proved to be extremely popular ‘smartphone games’. It has millions of players who are still playing every month.

Pokemon Sleep Advantage
Pokemon Sleep Advantage

It is a verified fact that ‘Pokémon’s ‘Go’ stimulated people to walk more. The current efforts might compel people to sleep early. The ‘Pokémon Company’ recently displayed a number of forthcoming projects which also included a ‘gaming-app’ titled ‘Pokémon Sleep’.

It is earnestly believed that the game will attract all those desirous of enjoying healthy life style.

Pokemon Sleep Review:

There is a great saying, “Early to bed & early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise”. Hence The Pokemon Company is targeting to achieve this goal.

Pokemon Sleep Review
Pokemon Sleep Review

8-hour sleep is more than enough for a healthy person. Sleeping more than that affects brain. More sleep makes people lazy & they have less time to achieve their daily goals. Those who do not sleep more than 8 hours are sharp, have good observation & they stay active. The Pokemon Company’s other game “Pokemon Go” helps user take more daily steps & it has healthy effects on person’s body. But you ought to have a sound mind in a fit body if you want to have a successful life so I think both “Pokemon Go” & “Pokemon Sleep” can help you to have a successful life.

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