Top indie games of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia:

Though Google Stadia is a cloud streaming service that lets you play your favorite games without the need to purchase any console, but I think console is very important for playing games offline without the need for stable internet connection. Players can stream video games using high speed internet connection. There is no need to download games to hard drive. The only problem with Stadia is the number of available games on this platform but Google is trying its best to add more games. Google is focusing on big games & also small indie games. We think that there are 2 new indie games that are released on other platforms in 2020 that Google Stadia might consider adding to their roster of games. Have a look at our collection of top indie games that we think might release on Google Stadia in future.

Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5
Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5

Cranked Up:

An evil pizza has seized players’ lovely coffee cup & he wants to destroy all of the planet’s food. It is players’ objective to release their favorite coffee cup & protect this planet.

Cranked Up Gameplay:

A rocket lets players to move but despite its simplicity, this game needs hard work. Players’ goal is to launch the right rocket when required, or they might travel in the incorrect direction.

Players’ goal is to protect Mr. Mug; dissolve Pineapple’s strategies & find out who is threatening this planet. Based on players’ preferences, they can enjoy multiple modes to progress through the game & gather sugar bottles to unlock & play the secret doughnuts.

Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PS5
Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PS5
Cranked Up Gameplay
(Image Credit: BBlack Studio)

Enjoy different game modes with buddies & proceed through the game stages to reach the cup. Also players need to gather sugar bottles to get more doughnuts.

The game allows players to challenge their buddies to see who is at the top. Within mentioned time, players need to defeat adversary’s ghost & make their best time.

Cranked Up Features:

  • Players have different maneuvers such as they are able to jump, roll, bounce & adapt their donut mastery to achieve the difficult objective
  • The game allows players to play together with their buddies in a fully offbeat planet
  • Players can unlock many donuts & make their own donut group
  • They can top the leaderboard after beating their buddies

Cranked Up Review:

A crazy platformer which allows players to control small donuts that can be customized & it is loaded with rockets. This game is playable with buddies in multiplayer mode or players can play single player mode.


Cranked Up uses an innovative idea. Gameplay of Cranked Up is pretty straightforward. More specifically, players can use rocket propulsion to launch themselves in the right direction. Making mistake will take players in the wrong direction. Their objective is to land in their favorite coffee cup. Overall this idea is novel, & gameplay is crazy.

Cranked Up Review
Cranked Up Review
(Image Credit: BBlack Studio)


It is a hilarious game. Main character is a food. His objective is to travel through the city, avoid barriers, locate his favorite Mug & jump into.


Characters are shaped pretty well & they give cartoonish appearance. Donuts can only spin & fly using rocket. Graphically everything seems near perfect.

Cranked Up is already available on PC & we think Google Stadia might consider adding it to their roster of playable games.

Cranked Up Key Features:

  • Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early Access
  • Developer: BBlack Studio
  • Publisher: BBlack Studio
  • Release Date: 19 May, 2020
  • Platforms: PC Windows

Explosive Jake:

Very interesting game: You are required to help the bony hero to come out of the gloomy prison.

It is a typical arcade video game. The game consists of 40 stages & you need to solve riddles in order to complete them.

Assist the skeleton in avoiding rivals & finding an escape by blowing enemies with explosives. Be careful, you might blow yourself with your own explosives.

It seems like a remake of the Bomberman but you don’t need to bomb every rival to exit the stage. Here in this game, you must explode crates & barrels to discover the key which lets you open the exit door.

The game looks like NES classic. You will feel like enjoying a classic NES title with a skeleton who is able to explode anything that comes in its way. If you are a fan of Bomberman then I think you must play Explosive Jake as well.

Graphics of Explosive Jake seems classic but I think it is a bit better than old NES games. Gameplay is a little challenging but there are just few types of hazards in complete game.

Explosive Jake is created & distributed by Sometimes You, & it is set to be launched on 18 March 2020.

Explosive Jake Story:

Like humans, our skeleton hero is also disparately trying to escape from the prison. During his adventurist escape, he is confronted by many hurdles. So help him find his way to freedom.

Explosive Jake Gameplay:

Explosive Jake is amazing & it surely reminds me of classic Bomberman.

Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PS5
Top Indie games of Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X & PS5
(Image Credit: PigeonDev)

Save yourself from flame turrets, enemies, spinning saws & other hazards. There is no time limit in completing levels so you have freedom to complete levels at your own pace. The difficult part of the game is your life will end if you touch enemy, fire or spinning saw. For defense against enemies, you can use bombs to kill them. There are too many obstacles in this game that are blocking your way & the open paths have enemies & other dangers.

Explosive Jack is already launched on other platforms & we think Google Stadia might consider adding it to their list of games.

Explosive Jake Key Features:

  • Genre: Indie
  • Developer: PigeonDev
  • Publisher: PigeonDev
  • Release Date (Xbox One): 18 March, 2020
  • Release Date (PC): Available
  • Platforms: Xbox One & PC Windows

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