Comparison, similarities & differences in FIFA 21 vs FIFA 20 in gameplay, cover star, graphics, modes etc:

‘FIFA 21’ is the new version of ‘EA Sports’ series of football simulation dated back to 1993. The game incorporates single-player & multiplayer modes. Abiding by the tradition, we find models of actual players & teams, which we take to success in the subsequent matches. ‘EA Sports studio’ is producing the new game.

It is believed that the latest version of ‘EA Sports' football game will launch on ‘PC’, ‘PS4’ & ‘Xbox One’.

FIFA 21 will later arrive on ‘PS5’, ‘Xbox Series X’, ‘Switch’ & ‘Google Stadia’. However, it is not yet clear when will it be launched on these platforms?

The game will release on Switch & unlike other versions, a lot of key features & modes are missing in Switch version. Fifa 21 on Switch is called Legacy Edition that has not been updated & it is very similar to Fifa 18 because there is no story mode, no Volta mode, & none of the fresh updates have been added.

The game will have most recent kits & team updates along with latest menu & overlays, but it won’t have fresh modes or gameplay innovations that are part of consoles & PC versions.

FIFA 21 Review
Comparison & differences in FIFA 21 vs FIFA 20
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Those purchasing ‘FIFA 21’ for a ‘PS4’ or’ Xbox One’ before the launch of ‘FIFA 22’ will be given an extra free copy for the suitable next-gen platform.

It is presumed that the next version of the iconic football-game series for platforms - ‘PS5’ & ‘Xbox Series X’ will be an enhanced experience. In this regard, the introduction of modern consoles will empower improved player models, simulations & realistic weather conditions, a modern mechanism of lighting & graphics. All these improved features will make the environment of the stadiums more reminiscent than ever before.

FIFA 21 and FIFA 20: Which FIFA is better
FIFA 21 and FIFA 20: Which FIFA is better
(Image Credit: Electronic Arts)

Those buying ‘FIFA 21’ before the release of ‘FIFA 22’, will likely receive free copies for the next-gen platforms. Which implies that if we start playing the game on the day it’s launched on ‘PS4’, we will be able to continue the game on ‘PS5’ with much improved audio / visuals. This offer is also valid for Xbox One users.

However, if we desire to purchase a next-gen console excluding optical drive, then we'll also need to own ‘FIFA 21’ in digital form.

As far as the PC gamers are concerned, they will not enjoy ‘FIFA 21’ on next-gen consoles. They will have to be contended with current-gen release.

‘FIFA 21’ is also coming to ‘Switch’ & ‘Google Stadia’. However, the release dates are not yet known.

The amazing thing is that the publishers are planning to add cross play feature, empowering players from various platforms to contest with each other.

FIFA 21 is developed by Electronic Arts & published by Electronic Arts & EA Sports. The game is set to be released on October 9, 2020 for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows platforms.

Compare FIFA 21 vs FIFA 20
Compare FIFA 21 vs FIFA 20
(Image Credit: Electronic Arts)

The gameplay visual enhancements in FIFA 21 are huge. Now you can feel the power of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, & hits better than ever before. As FIFA 21 uses the powerful Unreal Engine 5, therefore gamers can feel as if this is an actual broadcast. In other words, the game feels very real. Now gamers can experience very authentic character behaviors compared to previous installments in FIFA. The crowd is even better. The weather effects have also improved. The game let gamers around the world feel the rhythm of the game with improved animation technology. The graphic quality has tremendously improved as compared to FIFA 20. Gamers can enjoy different modes including Online Seasons, Co-Op Seasons, Career Mode, Volta Football, FIFA 21 Ultimate Team & Pro Clubs. Career mode & Ultimate Team mode are the best modes of the game. 

New Features of FIFA 21:

You can play soccer on the street & in the stadium, as the game offers more creative ways than ever before.

FIFA 21 provides more creativity & control all over the field.

More scoring chances are available with fresh dynamic attacking features in the latest FIFA.

The Agile Dribbling features offers players the way to use their creativeness in one on one situations. The game allows players to use quick footwork, more responsive close control, & new ability moves.

In latest game in the series, there is more positional awareness that uplifts athletes’ talent to put them where they should be.

FIFA 21 offers more control over attackers’ movement in more approaches to break into the defense.

Get more control over your attackers’ movement with more ways to break down the defense in build-up play.

A re-imagined collision system makes better gamer interactions all over the field.

A better understanding of space & position of opponents lets gamers play a smart passing game.

A fresh blocking idea makes better balanced results when defenders block shots & crosses.

Quick reaction times reveals more responsive footballers, allowing them to escape well from tight circumstances when feeling opposition pressure.

Have complete control over headed shots & passes using manual headers that send football accurately to where you aim for. 

FIFA 21 Cover Star:

Kylian Mbappé is the cover star of FIFA 21
Kylian Mbappé is the cover star of FIFA 21
(Image Credit: Electronic Arts)

Kylian Mbappé is the cover star of all versions of FIFA 21 such as Standard, Champions & Ultimate. The game has taken a different path from previous approach of having 3 different stars for each edition cover.

Why FIFA is so popular?

FIFA is one of the major & most attractive entertainment franchises. About 100 million gamers take part globally in FIFA franchise. In FIFA 20, about 25 million new gamers joined the franchise. FIFA Ultimate Team keep on growing as the most attractive mode.

FIFA 21 during COVID-19:

This is the perfect launch time for FIFA 21 as most people try their best around the globe to remain in doors due to the pandemic. In a sense, this is an ideal time for gamers as well to just play games without taking care of any other responsibilities at hand. Therefore, the game launch during the current global COVID-19 pandemic is an inspiring accomplishment for FIFA.

FIFA 21 Key Features:

  • Release date: 9 October, 2020
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Series: FIFA
  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, & PC Windows
  • Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA Sports
  • Genre: Sports

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer:

Watch FIFA 21 gameplay trailer:

FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer

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