Top local co-op games on iOS: iPhone & iPad:

Split-screen co-op games have high demand because game lovers like to play games together on a single device. Game lovers like playing co-operatively with a mate on a single sofa. Games can be thoroughly enjoyed if you are playing with a friend & thus split-screen co-op games on iOS have high demand.

Top local co-op games on iOS

It is possible to play split-screen co-op games on iOS if you are using an iPad. Even though iPad’s screen size is smaller than laptop or TV but still you can enjoy the game.

Below we have added high quality split screen co-op games designed for iPad:

Table Top Racing: World Tour:

Choose from up to 16 fun racing vehicles & contest with your opponent in split-screen. The contest takes place across more than 30 tracks & the game includes more than 180 events in a fight for victory. You can also play Table Top Racing: World Tour against online racers. Beat your foes with 8 damaging power-ups & there are 6 innovative “Weapon Wheels” that helps you in fighting your way to glory.

Table Top Racing: World Tour
Table Top Racing: World Tour
(Image Credit: Playrise Digital Ltd)

Contest in 8 player online matches & fight against a single buddy in local split-screen mode. You can even enjoy this game using split-screen on mobile. You will need 2 controllers for playing this game on iPad.


The winner of many awards due to its outstanding and spectacular qualities, this adventurous game is played in woodland-like surroundings. 

The environment is bursting with threats of risks providing a sense of thrill to the players.

(Image Credit: Frogmind)

Take a view of the weird and wonderful surroundings with a peculiar creature who glides, rolls and rebounds according to your command.

Badland offers a local co-op that allows up to 4 players to play game together. 

Tales from Deep Space:

This is a puzzle solving game with imaginative fiction and amusing adventure.

The game is about a ridiculous intrigue story which leads to a long-lasting adventure of the interplanetary station.

Tales from Deep Space
Tales from Deep Space
(Image Credit: Amazon Game Studios)

If you are looking for a game based on team-spirit, joint-efforts and mutual collaboration, this is the one – Interesting for all age groups including the kids.

Tales form Deep Space offers multiplayer co-op which allows another player to control the second protagonist.

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