Interviewing Santi Alex of Mighty Polygon:

Mighty Polygon is a renowned game studio launched in Valencia, Spain in 2015. Its fundamental aim is to develop original games with strong stories, that are easy on the eyes & have awesome gameplay.

Mighty Polygon is the official union of a group of friends that used to work together as games makers for other companies. They had the vision of establishing their own company which later launched as Mighty Polygon. The company initially worked on some prototypes focused on PC and consoles. That project finally became their first game, Relicta, which is the first person puzzle game.

Mighty Polygon is approached for an interview and the request is granted. The interview session is conducted with a worthy programmer and producer, Santi Alex.

Santi Alex
Santi Alex

Hi Santi and a warm welcome to Games Cover!

Q1. Thanks for taking time with us, could you kick things off by telling about Mighty Polygon, yourself, and what inspired you to start your own studio?

Mighty Polygon is a small indie studio located in Valencia, Spain. The initial members were working together in another studio until it closed. After that since we didn’t want to relocate and back then there weren’t many choices here we started thinking about doing something ourselves since we were managing everything in our previous job so after a while we opened Mighty Polygon.  We all had different backgrounds, I am a programmer although now I also handle the business side. 

Q2. What was the first major release of Mighty Polygon?

This one! Relicta is the first release of Mighty Polygon, so we’re very excited about it. We were able to do a simultaneous release on four platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia) with a small team. 

Q3. Which of your personality traits help you as a game developer?

Patience and assertiveness to face problems and talk to the team when faced with a conflict.

Q4. What kinds of games are you looking forward to develop?

We want to create the games we would like to play. Once the Relicta launch is over, we can put new projects and ideas on the table.

First person puzzle game, Relicta
First person puzzle game, Relicta

Q5. Your newly launched game “Relicta” is wonderful. Will it release on VR too?

Sadly, not at the moment. The problem is the issue of performance and gameplay. In such a dynamic game, to move through the boxes, jump, etc. it just doesn't fit. We would have to make a specific approach, but at that moment we do not have the time or the resources to do it. 

Q6. What are the main characteristics of Relicta?

We tried to differentiate ourselves on several points, first of all  we wanted the environments to be more open than in other games. On top of that, although games with magnetism or gravity have been played before, the combination of both gives a new feel. Finally, in addition to the puzzles, we wanted to add a science fiction narrative interesting enough to serve as a common thread.

Q7. What makes Relicta unique?

We tried to differentiate ourselves from other games on the genre but what makes us unique is the approach we took with our main mechanic, the combination of magnetism and gravity. When you think you know how it works it surprises you with a new aspect that gives you more ways to solve the puzzles. 

First person puzzle game, Relicta
First person puzzle game, Relicta

Q8. How has COVID-19 break out affected your studio?

Not that much. We started the game working remotely. When the quarantine began in Spain we were in the studio, but for us, it was not difficult to adapt to remote work because it was not our first time.

Q9. Are you fond of reading?

Yes, we are!

Q10. Which advice will you give to the aspiring developers?

Create lots of games. It may seem obvious, but sometimes we focus a lot on a big project in the beginning. Do many game jams and work on the diversity of genres and ideas, it will help you a lot to iterate and see the problems with another perspective.

I highly appreciate your skills, passion and devotion. I believe we will receive marvelous games from you in future too. Thank you, Santi for covering the interview and sharing your opinions.

Santi’s remarkable work is definitely rewarded and fans we would like you to encourage him by purchasing a copy of Relicta.

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