Comparison of Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter Iceborne vs Monster Hunter Generations:

Just like previous versions in the Monster Hunter series, you will once again play as creature hunter who must use weaponry available at his disposal, & use tools & environment to hurt his enemies & beat them. Monster Hunter games are fun because you can’t face creatures directly but aiming to hit them on the weak spots after they complete their turn. Such games are sometimes tedious and boring because you are very weak as compared to monster, & always looking to hit him in the back. You receive rewards when finish missions in the form of plunder, including creature parts which can be utilized to make armor & weaponries that help in beating powerful creatures. Like previous Monster Hunter games, you will face powerful monsters as you progress through gameplay. Multiple creatures from Monster Hunter series will comeback as well as new creatures will be available that are designed especially for the new game. All 14 kinds of weaponries from previous monster hunter games such as Monster Hunter Generations & World, which contains combination of archetypes of blades, shields, staves, bows & guns, are making its way to Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Iceborne vs Generations
Monster Hunter Rise vs Iceborne vs Generations
Image Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is using the seamless map tactic from Monster Hunter World & it is not using the zoned area tactic which were used in previous games. Maps of Monster Hunter Rise use vertical movement more than earlier titles in the series, & Rise actually means going higher so the game is more focused on fast vertical scaling using new stuff. You can use a new buddy, Palamute, which is a dog like monster that does not drain stamina when players are riding him. This dog like monster is a new gear for vertical scaling because he can scale cliffs & execute attacks while battling creatures, along with another monster which looks like a cat, named Palico. You can utilize a new tool, called Wirebug, which seems like a Clutch Claw introduced in Iceborne, which lets you grapple & swing across gaps or taller areas when required. This tool can be interacted differently with every kind of weaponry, which offers more moves & combos to weapon.

Single player & online multiplayer modes are available in Monster Hunter Rise, & you can have 4 players in a team when playing multiplayer mode. The game allows you to hunt using both Palico & Palamute when playing solo. When playing online, you can either choose Palico or Palamute to be on this adventure with you.

Monster Hunter Rise uses cross compatibility with Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin, which is set to be launched after Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise Key Features:

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: 26 March, 2021

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