Comparison of Nexomon Extinction vs Original Nexomon in gameplay & story:

In the planet of creature trapping & taming video games, one of the series has always ruled, but a new challenger from PQube has grabbed the charm of the genre’s roots & the hearts of players around the globe. Nexomon Extinction goes back to the roots of what has made creature taming games so lovely as millions of gamers around the globe play them for more than 20 years. In these games you need to discover the environment, & trap creatures in a beautiful & highly detailed planet which can be enjoyed by gamers of any age.

Nexomon Extinction Review
Nexomon Extinction Review
Image Credit: PQube

Catch & train 381 Nexomon from 9 diverse kinds, that can evolve.

It is time to step up & fight against risky enemies in stunningly animated turn based fights.

Roam in dangerous environments & manage the effects of the surroundings.

Nexomon Extinction Story:

Comparison of Nexomon Extinction vs Original Nexomon
Comparison of Nexomon Extinction vs Original Nexomon
Image Credit: PQube

A creature catching game, with a beautiful narrative, eccentric characters & more than three hundred unique Nexomon to catch, tame & grow. The planet of this game is on the brink of end as Nexomon battle against human beings & other creatures for territory. Start an epic adventure to restore balance before it is too late.

Nexomon Extinction Gameplay:

Another game that falls into the monster taming & fighting genre is Nexomon Extinction. Much like Pokemon, you can once again train your monster & fight against other trainers to save world from extinction.

In the beginning of story campaign select your creature & start a life of a Trainer.

Reveal secrets, stumble upon side missions & face a number of eccentric characters.

Dynamic difficulty will make things difficult for you as you advance through the game, or tamers that you beat can come back stronger & you need to beat them once again.

Discover a planet where Nexomon along with other creatures & humans live. Capture, train & fight 381 Nexomon from 9 elemental kinds, which can further evolve into mighty forms. Explore different areas in a big open planet.

From quaint villages to deserts & cold tundra, discover a big planet & explore dangerous surroundings.

Nexomon Extinction Gameplay
Nexomon Extinction Gameplay
Image Credit: PQube

Make the best squad of Nexomon & start your fight against other tamers in a lovely turn based fights.

Reveal secrets, complete side missions & face a raft of eccentric foes. Enjoy humor & have fun in this monster taming game.

Work hard & train your monster in the best possible way in order to be victorious on the battlefield.

While training Nexomon you will help them achieve more power, & also collect objects, accessories & upgrades that can help you to customize your monster & playable character to become better in training your monster & fighting against enemy monsters.

Nexomon Extinction Key Features:

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC
  • Developers: VEWO Interactive
  • Publishers: PQube
  • Release Date: Q3 2020
  • Genres: RPG

Nexomon Extinction Reveal Trailer:

Watch Nexomon Extinction reveal trailer.

Nexomon Extinction Reveal Trailer

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