Comparison and differences of Star Wars Squadrons vs Star Wars Battlefront 3 in Gameplay, Story, Modes, & Release Date:

Learn the skill of space fighter by piloting innovative space vehicle in Star Wars: Squadrons. The game features multiplayer space dogfights from first person perspective together with your troop.

Comparison Star Wars Squadrons vs Star Wars Battlefront III
Comparison Star Wars Squadrons vs Star Wars Battlefront III
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Pilot space vehicles from the Galactic Empire & the New Republic navy. You can use weapons of the space ships & engines to beat your enemies in battle. By gaining more experience, you can unlock fresh weapons, shields, upgrades & cosmetic stuff that makes you & your ship more gorgeous.

Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay:

Up to ten gamers are divided into 2 teams of pilots who are in battle against each other. It is very similar to Team Deathmatch.

Fleet Battles are very similar to Dogfight, but the objective of this mode is to destroy opponent flag in order to be victorious on the battlefield.

Get ready as it is time to face the most challenging dogfights in multiplayer together with your fleet from first person perspective.

Fly in the evolving arenas in locations that you are familiar with & never seen before sites across the universe.

Select your squad & modify your space ship to suit your play style.

Fight against enemies in terrifying 5 versus 5 battles, get connected with your team to enter epic troop fights, or face enemies alone in solo campaign & progress through the narrative.

Differences of Star Wars Squadrons vs Star Wars Battlefront 3
Differences of Star Wars Squadrons vs Star Wars Battlefront 3
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Learn the way of being a space pilot in an exciting Star Wars solo story campaign. Choose your squad as both opposing fleets are trying to conquer the space. Both armies are governed by emerging rulers who are taking battle to the next level. It is time for space pilots to make the difference using their tactical planning.

Star Wars: Squadrons Modes:

Star Wars: Squadrons allows you to enjoy 2 multiplayer modes, & a solo mode.

Star Wars: Squadrons Story:

The narrative of Star Wars: Squadrons is set after the fight of Endor & the demolition of the second Death Star, the narrative switches b/w 2 ship pilots who are airborne for New Republic’s Vanguard Squadrons & the Empire’s Titan Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons Dogfight Mode:

5 pilots of Team A are combating 5 pilots of Team B. The objective of this game is easy, but completion needs talent. Use your space vehicles to attain velocity & precision, make your team with diverse star fighter classes, & wipe out opponent team to claim victory.

Star Wars: Squadrons Fleet Fights:

Get connected with your team online or play against bots to be victorious in fleet fights. It is a multi-level, mission based battle b/w 2 teams of 5. Progress through the battle by beating rivals in intense dogfights & destroy opponents space ships but you can only succeed if you destroy opponent flagship. Also you need to save your flagship or you will lose the fleet battle.

Star Wars: Squadrons Key Features:

  • Developer: Motive Studios
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Series: Star Wars
  • Platform: PC Windows, PS4 & Xbox One
  • Release Date: Available
  • Genre: Space combat
  • Modes: Single-player & Multiplayer

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