Comparison and contrast of Fast and Furious Crossroads vs Gran Turismo 7 GT 7:

Fast & Furious Crossroads & Gran Turismo 7 are both one of its kinds vehicular race video games. These are gorgeous racing video games ever produced. Enjoy lovely race circuits tracks for exploration & the cars inventory. Fast & Furious: Crossroads is just like Fast & Furious films. Also, the sound of hero characters is voiced by the original film cast. You are going to love the action thrill & maneuvers of over-speeding race-cars. Go after gangster organizations who want to do the harm & protect people from their harmful activities. Do everything possible to stop those dangerous gangsters from carrying out their harmful plans & create trouble for their undercover activities. 

Comparison of Fast and Furious Crossroads vs Gran Turismo 7
Comparison of Fast and Furious Crossroads vs Gran Turismo 7 - GT 7
Image Credit: Slightly Mad Studios | Sony

What I quite loved about this video game is the high velocity stunts & heists, gadgets, map areas, cars & characters based on films. This video game let players to hunt, attack, fight, wreck rival cars using a wrecking ball mounted to the roof of your car. Drive & blast adversaries’ cars at the same time. Enjoy jumps over obstacles, love the explosions, & use your machine gun for destroying adversaries’ cars. You can use your gun on the roof or a missile launcher in the trunk of your vehicle to wreck adversaries’ cars. In one of the missions you are driving a Ford GT that has a crane on its roof & you steal a big container & use it as a giant wrecking ball for destroying adversaries’ cars that comes in your way. Gran Turismo 7 is another brilliant race game. Gran Turismo 7 features GT Simulation Mode, traditional race circuits, Driving School, Tuning Parts Shop, GT Auto, GT Sport Mode, Used Cars dealership, & GT 7 main menu style is similar to that of Gran Turismo 4 menu style. Gran Turismo 7 supports PSVR 2.0 for virtual reality players. Both video games are special in its own ways & satisfy the needs of its target audiences.  

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