Low price and best quality gaming monitors for World of Warcraft WoW Shadowlands:

World of Warcraft WoW Shadowlands is set in the Shadowlands which is one of the realm in the game lore. The game features first level squish & a fully remastered leveling system, & now you have access to Covenants in the new zones, & there are new dungeons & raids.

It is time to find out the best budget gaming monitors for playing WoW Shadowlands in the best possible resolution & frames per seconds.

WoW Shadowlands Gaming Monitors
WoW Shadowlands Gaming Monitors
Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Low cost and best quality monitor: Asus VP28UQG:

For gamers who want to play modern high resolution games then they may choose Asus VP28UQG which offers wonderful graphics at a cheap price. Asus VP28UQG has a screen size of 28 inches & it supports Adaptive SyncFree Sync, & equivalent Nvidia’s G-Sync. This will remove the issues such as stuttering, screen tearing & frame drops which won’t affect your monitor & it does not matter which GPU you have.

Asus VP28UQG Monitor for WoW Shadowlands
Asus VP28UQG Monitor for WoW Shadowlands
Image Credit: Asus

It features lower response times but it will not be better than monitors featuring VA & IPS panels in terms of contrast & color range, because it has a TN display, & you can only see video game from the front due to flat screen view. However, viewing from the front is not a problem for a large screen (28-inch) monitor so viewing angles is not a big problem.

It offers 4K resolution at 60 Hz & there are a bundle of other features that can help first person gaming, & you can even enjoy watching movies or can use this monitor in office or other work because it helps in reading too.


Best Price 4K Gaming Monitor with HDR: BenQ EL2870U:

BenQ EL2870U has a screen size of 28 inches & it has a flat display featuring UHD with FreeSync, G-Sync & has a compatible HDR10 support.

The input lag of this monitor is extremely low that could be obtained in a 60 Hz gaming monitor. Like Asus VP28UQG, it has lower contrast ratio & color spectrum as compared to monitor offering VA & IPS Panels because it has a TN display. However, as a low price monitor, it still has plenty of features that competes it with best 4K monitors. 2 HDMI ports are available in this monitor.

BenQ EL2870U Monitor WoW Shadowlands
BenQ EL2870U Monitor WoW Shadowlands
Image Credit: BenQ

You can get BenQ EL2870U in under $300 budget which is a good news because you don’t have to spend lots of money for buying a great monitor for playing modern video games like World of Warcraft Shadowlands. You have plenty of supporting features that makes the gameplay of WoW Shadowlands even more enjoyable with 60 FPS, & overall you have a big screen to fully enjoy the game. 4K resolution offers more detail into every character & hence we recommend this one for you if you want to enjoy latest video games that needs 4K at 60 FPS.

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