Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cross Save, & Cross-Platform Play Multiplayer:

Collect your squad of Outlaws & try to steal plunder from an oppressive government in the hostile world of medieval era. Hood Outlaws & Legends lets you outplay enemy groups in harsh PvPvE multiplayer raids.


Hood Outlaws & Legends Online Co-op:

Hood Outlaws & Legends offers online PvP & online co-op.


Hood: Outlaws & Legends Cross-Platform Play:

Cross-platform play allows players from different platforms & hardware to play together.

Hood Outlaws & Legends will provide a cross-play feature between multiplayer platforms. You can also enjoy cross-play between Epic & Steam. Both Epic & Steam are PC vendors.

One of the employees has replied to a reddit post, that cross-play is available in Hood Outlaws & Legends but he is not sure about its implementation such as it could be matchmaking, group invitation or cross play between different accounts. It will be decided near the game release date.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Crossplay
Hood Outlaws & Legends Crossplay
Image Credit: Focus Home

Crossplay Matchmaking:

Crossplay allows players of different platforms to play with each other so console players can play with PC & mobile players. It is very exciting to matchmake different consoles because keyboard & mobile players have an advantage over controller players. Games that offer crossplay matchmaking have different solutions for this problem. So, lets see how Hood Outlaws & Legends will matchmake players of different platforms & how much will it be comfortable for console users to play with PC players if the game offers a crossplay matchmaking feature.


Cross Play Group Invitation:

If you are included in a cross-play group, the game will match you into lobbies of more groups so that the playing field has equal number of players.

You can invite your mates to join you. Send a friend request to others & if they are playing on a different platform, still they can join your game.

Cross-Play group is not yet confirmed for Hood Outlaws & Legends.


Hood Outlaws & Legends Cross Save:

Cross Save allows users to pick up & progress the game from where they have left off. Saving game progress will make a save file, that lets players continue the game on other platforms as well. For example, if you save game progress on PlayStation then you can continue progress on Xbox.

Cross Save feature is not yet confirmed for Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Hood Outlaws & Legends trailer:

Watch Hood Outlaws & Legends trailer:

Hood Outlaws & Legends Trailer


  1. Mr. John Lockers9 May 2021 at 08:57

    There is a loophole to your statement. Several players complained about the fraud of this game.

    In the Cross-Play Group Invitation section, it said, "You can invite your mates to join you. Send a friend request to others & if they are playing on a different platform, still they can join your game." That isn't exactly true.
    One of the valuable players stated, "It is just random cross-platform. You can only send invites to people on the same platform as you.
    Through your Steam or your PlayStation account." But nothing did inform us players of this point. It was depressing to admit that this game used an unethical marketing strategy and beneath themselves to use 'False advertisement.'

    I would very much appreciate it if this game gets fixed because I bought this game for the sole purpose as to play with friends(on different platforms) using the invite system.


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