Pros and cons of Dark Envoy – Online Co-op Multiplayer Mode is Included:

Dark Envoy gameplay seems like Divinity because it is a CRPG which allows you to save or demolish the world & get an airship. This game is a non-linear RPG. You can enjoy team-based combat, a party system is available which seems like CRPG, & the graphics of Dark Envoy is dark gritty.

Explore the game world using your ship. Choose your destination, as the planet changes with time & various regions will respawn in more challenging form when they are completed.

The world of Dark Envoy is response based on decisions of players. It is your choice to save it or destroy it, & the endings of this game reflect your personality because you can either choose to be a hero or villain.

The game provides solo mode or 2 gamers can play it in multiplayer co-op. Play Player vs world mode of the game. In Player vs World mode, second player is the final boss, & his objective is to defeat player one before he gets powerful.

Dark Envoy uses 15 classes for playable hero, a new RPG system is available, & you can enjoy high replay ability because there are many quests & world events.

The game is more focused on tactical combat, & it features open world exploration & narrative. Enjoy exploring procedurally generated dungeons & you have the freedom to choose tactical objectives. Not only dungeons change, but also locations on the world map respawn randomly, providing more dares as you traverse them.

Decisions affect the world around you, & you can enjoy multiple endings based on your decisions.

Pros and cons of Dark Envoy - Benefits of the game
Pros and cons of Dark Envoy - Benefits of the game
Image Credit: Event Horizon

Advantages of Dark Envoy:

It is a non-linear role-playing game with real time battle (featuring slow or pause) where tactics of players & party power are equally crucial.

Decisions of gamers effect the world; it can either demolish or save this world, & the game narrative will play different ending reflecting the personality of character & their choices.

4 base classes are available along with 16 specialization classes can be found - & players can mix skill trees – which can only be discovered in remote sites or through chained missions.

Enjoy new role-playing game system, offering experimentation & need frequent adaptation to the new dares.

More pros of Dark Envoy include 4K visuals, free movement camera, multiple enviro biomes, best audio, graphically striking VFX, customization of character, day / night cycle, enchanting & research.

This game can be highly-replay able because it consists of many missions, local & world events. In one walkthrough, you can’t discover every content of the game.


Dark Envoy includes Online Multiplayer Mode:

Online multiplayer mode is available which allows you to face the terrors in co-op with a buddy. Can you make it to the end?


Disadvantages of Dark Envoy:

Dark Envoy is highly inspired by Divinity & its gameplay seems similar to Divinity. You can use magic to beat enemies, add human & creature characters to your team much like Divinity. Dark Envoy is a CRPG with dark gritty graphics very similar to Divinity. Like Divinity, gameplay of Dark Envoy can be seen from tactical perspective.

Dark Envoy Features:

  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: Event Horizon
  • PUBLISHER: Event Horizon
  • RELEASE DATE: 2021

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