Pros and cons of King’s Bounty 2 (II) – Benefits of the game:

King’s Bounty II launches in 2021 with a fresh narrative & you can play tactical turn-based battles which offers a completely immersive experience in video games world. More weight is put in decisions of gamers, whether they are leading army into battle against monsters, or befriending people. A rich world merges reality & fantasy, & the game offers compelling stories, popular heroes, & you can make moral choices during game which has consequences.

Start King’s Bounty 2 as one of three characters. Every character features its own story. Enjoy a non-linear gameplay, & the game is set in an open world & the setting are fantasy. King’s Bounty 2 allows you to traverse the world in 3rd person, & finish missions, explore the terrain, & contact people & learn about their tales. When gameplay shifts to combat, the camera changes to top-down perspective, & you can enjoy turn based battle. Using units smartly is the key towards success in King’s Bounty 2.

Enjoy a more immersive & cinematic story. Your actions matter most than dialogue choices. The game lets you give moral choices that has an impact on the narrative & kingdom.

Pros and cons of King’s Bounty 2 - Benefits
Pros and cons of King’s Bounty 2 - Benefits
Image Credit: 1C Entertainment

The terrain provides edge to gamers during combat. They can use surroundings to their advantages & look into it before starting combat, to minimize potential risks, or make an attempt to get upper hand in combat.

No longer flat landscape can be observed in King’s Bounty II. The regions are real, & volumetric battle zones are in focus. More tactical diversity is featured in King’s Bounty 2, all types of barriers & features can be confronted on the combat maps. Tactical advantages & disadvantages can be faced in every fight.

Every playable character has its own story & you can decide one from three available characters.

Each squad consists of completely fresh units, each of them have its own skills & appearance.

New approaches are taken in King’s Bounty II regarding tactical features. Line of sight is a new tactical feature which is further in depth, & provide richer fight experience.

King’s Bounty II features more realism than King’s Bounty so that players remain stuck in this terrain wide battle.

Even though new features are available but most of the features in King’s Bounty 2 are taken from previous title including navigating the map, creating army, confronting antagonists, & exploring magic items & spells. Still, you can make military of creatures & humans. However, the fantasy setting of King’s Bounty has now changed to real.

King's Bounty 2 Key Features:

  • GENRE: RPG, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: 1C Entertainment
  • PUBLISHER: 1C Entertainment
  • RELEASE DATE: March 2021

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