Pros and cons of Knight Squad II. Will Knight Squad 2 provide Local / Online VS Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Play, Cross Save or Cross Progression:

Pros of Knight Squad 2 video game is that it is a chaotic arcade multiplayer that supports up to 8 players. The game is developed & produced by Chainsawesome. It is a sequel to chaotic arena friendship destroyer, 2015 Knight Squad. Knight Squad 2 features 13 modes, more than 100 combat arenas, local & online cross-platform multi-player that supports 1 to 8 player players around the globe. Defeat your friends & love to battle with unique weaponry. There are a lot of customization for your cartoonish character. Player can move around the field, swing sword, block opponent attacks, grab a bazooka, & mount a unicorn. You have to beat opponents in order to become the champion Pick a knight & fight with unique weaponry for glory. 

Pros and Cons of Knight Squad 2
Pros and Cons of Knight Squad 2
Image Credit: Chainsawesome Games

Knight Squad 2 also features new game modes such as the ones for teams: Payload & Minion Attack. In payload mode, the teams compete over the control of a cart that has to be pushed to the end of its track. In Minion Attack mode, the teams gather minions by beating opponents & unleash them on their opponent’s bases. What you are really going to love is that the game modes have a bit of medieval twist. You can customize matches in many ways. Most game modes can be played in Free for all, Duos, or 4v4. You can choose which power-ups are active & which power-ups are the default for everyone. If you want more chaos, then add gameplay modifiers such as slippery floors & explosive bodies into the mix. The pros of Knight Squad 2 are that it provides more gameplay contents, variety & there are many marvelous new modes. The game releases on PC & Xbox but it is currently not launching on PS 5 & for me it is the main con of this exciting video game.

Knight Squad 2 Cross-Platform Play:

Knight Squad 2 does not support cross play between multiple platforms:

Knight Squad 2 Cross Save / Progression:

Cross Save or Cross Progression is not available in Knight Squad 2.

Knight Squad 2 Local / Online VS Multiplayer Mode:

Knight Squad 2 supports local (offline) VS multiplayer mode as well as internet (online) VS multiplayer mode.

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