Comparison: Differences of FIFA 2022 vs eFootball PES 2022:

FIFA 22 & PES 22 are football video games that copy the real sport & provide fans an authentic experience at home on consoles & PC. Both games include many interesting modes that keep fans busy & there are a big roster of footballers & teams that you can choose from. All real players are depicted in the games & they look very similar to their original appearances.
FIFA 22 & Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2022 is expected to launch in October, 2021. Both games are set to be launched on PlayStation 5 (PS 5), PlayStation 4 (PS 4), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch & Google Stadia platforms.

Comparison and Contrast of FIFA 22 vs PES 2022:

Although PES 2022 is a fantastic game, if you are choosing between PES & FIFA, then FIFA is a much more enjoyable game. Though PES 2022 is improving in certain areas but still it is not better than FIFA 2022 in overall gameplay. 

Differences of FIFA 22 vs PES 2022
Differences of FIFA 22 vs eFootball PES 2022
Image Credit: Electronic Arts | Konami

The major difference between FIFA & PES is that the former takes an arcade-like approach while the latter is a simulation of real football. Also, Konami, the publisher of PES franchise, has not been able to acquire the rights to licensed leagues & teams compared to its competitor Electronic Arts (EA). FIFA has acquired the rights to official football clubs, brands & more that let FIFA to use actual team names, actual player names, jerseys, etc. So, FIFA looks more real as compared to PES. 
Konami has improved graphics of PES 2022 & its gameplay is smoother. In terms of realism, PES 2022 has done things right with its graphical animations & they have precisely shown the fluidity of football. 

FIFA 21 beats eFootball PES 2021:

FIFA 2021 was amazing with its powerful attacking play, real graphics & footballer similarities, along with many modes to keep fans hooked & busy for longer periods.
We expect more from Electronic Arts with FIFA 2022. FIFA 21 transition from PS4 & Xbox One to PS5 & Xbox Series X, which was a good move from EA because Konami on the other hand released an update for PES known as eFootball PES 2021 season update which was available for low cost. They did not transition to next-gen consoles & did not launch a full game which surprised many fans. FIFA 21 easily won against eFootball PES 2021 because it delivered what fans wanted.

PES Series Successes & Failures:

PES series was once the top football game series. It launched on PS1 & was a most popular football game on both PS1 & PS2. Then things went wrong with Konami. The series flopped when Konami transitioned to PS3 & Xbox 360, & FIFA took the lead. Konami must avoid past mistakes & provide authentic gameplay on PS5 & Xbox Series X. They did not launch eFootball PES 2021 on PS5 & Xbox Series X, so it will be a difficult challenge for Konami to transition to next-gen hardware. They took a break of 1 year to deliver what fans are expecting from them. 

Comparison of PES 2022 vs FIFA 2022
Comparison of PES 2022 vs FIFA 2022
Image Credit: Konami | Electronic Arts

PES 2022 PROS:

  • Fantastic visual graphics & much more fluid animations
  • The overall gameplay feels smoother than before 
  • The game heavily focuses on realistic gameplay as compared to FIFA’s arcade style gameplay

PES 2022 CONS: 

  • In-game menus are difficult in navigation
  • The commentary is quite repetitive & sometimes not right
  • In-game AI is unintuitive


  • Much more impressive & realistically looking gameplay
  • The fan-favourite Volta mode is refreshing 
  • The game has rights to licensed leagues & teams


  • FIFA 22 is difficult to play
  • The Career mode is a bit shallow & lacks depth
  • Do not expect a huge visual animation upgrade in FIFA 22


  1. This year's PES 2022 will be better than FIFA 22.


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