Comparison: Differences between Real Pets vs Toy Pets vs Game Pets:

Pets are your best buddies because they stay with you for longer periods. They play with you and follow your commands. They are your best companions because they help and entertain you. Although keeping real pets is a popular hobby, but a lot of toy and pet simulation games imitate their behavior and give you the same joy. Unlike real pets, simulation and toy pets don’t need food and water, and they don’t even need maintenance.

Comparison: Real Pet vs Toy Pet vs Game Pet
Comparison: Real Pet vs Toy Pet vs Game Pet
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In this article I have mentioned the pros and cons of “Real Pets vs Toy Pets vs Game Pets”, and after reading it, you can decide which one is best for you.  


Cons of Real Pets:

  • Pets are troublesome in real life because they mess with things
  • They need food and water
  • They need maintenance
  • They need company
  • They don't easily mix with other pets
  • They could be dangerous
  • They could get ill or die
  • They can carry diseases
  • They are moody
  • They need training
  • Keeping pets need time and money
  • Pets have a lifespan
  • You need to keep them at ideal temperature and save them from hazards


Pros of Real Pets:

  • They are loyal
  • They are true companions because they have feelings for master
  • They give you a good company
  • You can enjoy feeding your pet
  • They are colorful and beautiful
  • When you move your hand in their hairs, then they close their eyes and enjoy it
  • They follow your commands
  • They respond to your actions because pets are intelligent and responsive
  • They can put a smile on your face
  • Pets keep kids busy and allow parents to do their chores
  • Pets can make you responsible because you need to feed them and complete maintenance on time
  • Pets can help you for example a dog can guard your home
  • You can have the fun of raising them from baby to adult
  • Pet dog would join you for a walk


Cons of Video Game Pets:

  • Pets in video games are boring as compared to real pets
  • They don’t physically exist so you can’t touch them
  • They can’t help you in real life
  • They can’t come out of screen and play with you in real life
  • Buying a good pet game can cost money
  • Pet game can cost extra bucks for new customization and performance upgrades
  • New pet games are better than old but cost extra bucks


Pros of Video Game Pets:

  • They never die
  • They don't need time and money
  • They don’t need food and water for survival
  • They don’t need maintenance
  • They are more responsive to your commands as compared to real pets because a pet in simulation game can get your commands using buttons and respond quickly
  • They can give you a company when walking in video game world
  • They can travel with you because they live inside your mobile, laptop or console
  • You can customize the appearance of your pet so they look like your dream pet
  • Keeping multiple pets doesn’t cost money
  • Video game pet is always in a playing mood
  • You can have the fun of feeding and training them in game
  • You can enjoy raising them from baby to adult
  • They have unlimited lifespan
  • You can upgrade them for better customization and performance
  • If you keep multiple pets then they will play with each other, and you


Cons of Toys Pets:

  • Toy pets are boring because they usually perform limited actions
  • Their battery will run out quickly if they play more and will need recharging
  • A toy pet with artificial intelligence is costly
  • You can’t upgrade their performance or customize their appearance like video game pets
  • They are sensitive and can break
  • They don’t have feelings
  • They are not as intelligent as real pets
  • Toy pet can’t join you for a walk


Pros of Toy Pets:

  • You can touch toy pets
  • They respond to your commands
  • You can carry pet when travelling
  • Toy pets are always in playing mood
  • They don't need time and maintenance
  • They don’t eat and drink
  • Intelligent toy pet recognizes your family
  • Genius toy pet can react to your mood
  • Toy pet never dies
  • They don’t need training
  • Toy pets entertain children and let parents do their work

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