Comparison between Human vs Computer:

A computer is a machine for processing information & storing it in memory. Unlike humans, computers can’t think but they can work faster than humans. In this post, we have compared computers & humans.

Comparison of Human vs Computer
Comparison of Human vs Computer

Hardware & Software:

Computer hardware consists of the physical parts that users can see & touch like case, monitor, scanner, mouse etc. Like PC hardware, the human body includes physical parts such as face, hands, feet, eyes etc.

Software is the soul of computers that we can’t see & touch. Software consists of a set of commands that tells computer hardware to execute tasks. Without software, hardware is useless, like without a soul, the body is dead.



Motherboard is the heart of a PC because it is used for connecting input & output devices. It provides power & sends commands to these devices to make them work just like heart supplies blood & keeps humans alive.



Processor is the brain of the computer & it processes data. After executing the information, it stores it & shows output on monitor. Its functionality resembles the brain, which processes information retrieved by sensors & stores it in memory.



Motherboard uses wires to connect itself to input & output devices. Wires act as veins because they carry current & signals to power components & make them work. Human heart acts similar to a motherboard. It sends blood to the human body parts. The blood offers oxygen & required nutrients.



Computers use hard drives for storing data. Similarly, humans have a memory for saving information.



Humans continuously work. Sensors send data to the brain. The human brain stores information in memory all the time.

Like humans, a computer continuously works. It receives data from input devices, & executes certain background processes even if you are not using it.



When computers are executing data or storing information, they are busy. Similarly, when humans are working, they are busy too.



Computers heat up when processing information for a longer period of time. Similarly, humans heat up when they are working.



You will need a modern PC for running graphically extensive games. Similarly, a muscular person is capable of lifting heavy weights.


Schedule Tasks:

A computer can schedule tasks using a clock. Similarly, humans complete their tasks on time. For example, a student wakes up at 7 am, attends his university at 9 am, takes his lunch at 1 pm, plays at 5 pm, takes dinner at 8 pm, reads at 9 pm, and sleeps at 12 am.


Priority of tasks:

A human completes urgent tasks first. Similarly, a computer gives priority to tasks based on its importance. For example, if you are playing a game on mobile, & you receive a phone call, then the game will pause automatically & you will be asked to answer the phone call because call has a higher priority. When the phone call terminates, the game will resume.



A human can complete multiple tasks at a time. For example, a person can speak on a mobile phone while driving a vehicle. A Computer has the same ability such as, a person can use a web browser & hear music at the same time.

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