Will Operation Tango provide co-op story campaign, VS multiplayer, cross platform play, cross save or cross progression:

An intelligence video game which needs both gamers to cooperate. One of the players is controlling an Agent while another is controlling a Hacker.

Make a team with a buddy who has a different specialty than you, & as a team you can save the world against a worldwide danger.


Operation Tango Co-op Missions:

Use combined abilities of 2 persons to face different dares. You can’t finish the game quests while playing solo.

Operation Tango Co-op / VS Multiplayer
Operation Tango Co-op, VS Multiplayer
Image Credit: Clever-Plays

Operation Tango Local / Online Co-op:

Operation Tango only offers an online co-op which requires an internet connection. Local co-op is not supported in this game.


Operation Tango Offline / Online VS Multiplayer:

VS Multiplayer puts gamers against each other either alone or in teams via multiplayer mode. If a game offers local PVP then players must compete against their family / friends using a single unit via split / same screen. Games providing online PVP lets players compete against each other from the homes via the internet.

Offline / Online VS multiplayer mode is unsupported in Operation Tango.

Operation Tango Cross Platform Play, Cross Save
Operation Tango Cross Platform Play, Cross Save
Image Credit: Clever-Plays

Operation Tango Cross Platform Play:

Cross Platform Play is a new feature that lets players play together from any platform. Make sure the game supports your platform. For example, if a game supports 3 cross platforms: PC, Mobile & Xbox then users of PC can play together with the users of Mobile & Xbox.

Operation Tango does not support Cross Platform Play.


Operation Tango Cross Save / Cross Progression:

Another name of Cross Progression is Cross Save. Cross Progression creates an online save file that copies your game progress & inventory. Players can access the saved games & items in their inventory on any supported platforms.

Cross Save is absent in Operation Tango.


Operation Tango Steam Cloud:

Steam Cloud saves player’s progress automatically on Steam’s server so accessing Steam from any PC can let you access your saved games.

Operation Tango supports Steam Cloud.


Operation Tango Release Date:

Operation Tango releases on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X / S on 1 June, 2021.

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