Trash Sailors Local Split Screen + Online Co-op Multiplayer, Cross Platform Play & Cross Save:

A sailing simulator that features hand-drawn arts. Build the best sailing squad, battle against creatures & complete chores with mates.


Trash Sailors Story:

A big Trash Tsunami has sunken this world. It is good news for you because you are playing the role of a trash sailor & heaps of trash is floating around. Collect trash because it is a very valuable resource in this game.


Trash Sailors Gameplay:

Trash can be recycled into fuel, or it can be used to build extra parts of boat & weaponries. The world of this game is filled with dangerous sea monsters such as crocodiles, sharks & you will battle against human enemies too like pirates. And there is more so grab a copy of this game.


Trash Sailors supports Co-op (Local Split screen + Internet Multiplayer):

Trash Sailors allows players to play story campaigns together. Up to 4 players can join the game & help each other in missions.

Trash Sailors Local Couch and Online Co-op Multiplayer
Trash Sailors Local Couch and Online Co-op Multiplayer
Image Credit: TinyBuild Games

Trash Sailors supports online & local couch co-op which allows 4 players to join. Unfortunately, combo co-op is not supported which means that both local & online players can’t join the game at the same time. Also, LAN play or System link is not supported.

Up to 4 gamers on a boat must cooperate via local split-screen or internet, to gather trash, construct, & beat rivals. Crash Sailors allows you to control the team of survivors using local or online multiplayer, & build a squad of best trash collectors.

Trash Sailors Cross Platform Play Multiplayer and Cross Save
Trash Sailors Cross Platform Play Multiplayer and Cross Save
Image Credit: TinyBuild Games

Cross Save is not available in Trash Sailors:

Cross Save allows players to save games on one platform & resume it on another.

Unfortunately, Trash Sailors does not offer Cross Save.


Cross Platform Play is not available in Trash Sailors:

Cross Platform Play allows players of different platforms / hardware to play games together.

Trash Sailors only offers co-op multiplayer for the story campaign. Cross play is not available in this game so users of PC, Switch & Xbox One can’t play this game together.


A Quick Summary of Trash Sailors:

Trash Sailors is a nice cooperative game, & you can join hands with other trash collectors to build, gather resources & fight enemies together.

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