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Mario Golf: Super Rush is a top-of-the-line sport golf game & it is the seventh instalment in the Mario Golf video game series, developed by Camelot Software Planning, & published by Nintendo. It will be released on June 25, 2021 on Nintendo Switch console. Mario Golf: Super Rush features single-player & multiplayer modes that means players around the globe have to be quite happy to have more choices if they want to have a solo experience or multiplayer experience.    

Mario Golf Super Rush Trailer

Mario Golf Super Rush Wallpaper

Mario Golf Super Rush Screenshot

Mario Golf Super Rush Image

Mario Golf Super Rush Background

Mario Golf Super Rush Characters:

Characters in Mario Golf: Super Rush roster includes Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Wario, Toad, Yoshi & customizable Miis. Each of the selectable characters from the Mario video game franchise have their own unique skill-ability. Players can select a playable character that matches their play style. That means players around the globe have to be more than happy to play with their hero characters.        


Mario Golf Super Rush Gameplay:

The gameplay mechanism of Mario Golf: Super Rush is quite similar to that of a regular sport golf, & Mario Golf World Tour. The game follows traditional golf rules that means the player has to hit the ball to the end goal, with a lesser number of hits or strokes using the types of golf clubs available to win the match. There are different features available to help the player such as a "Shot Gauge" which is a meter that shows the direction & the curve of the ball against slopes. In the Speed Golf mode, players hit the ball in real-time rather than taking turns. After players hit the ball, they race along the course toward their ball to repeat the process until someone scores. The animations & overall graphic quality of Mario Golf: Super Rush video game is quite impressive in terms of realistic graphics that look good on the eye & includes a real looking video game surrounding that looks like a real play.

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