Comparison: Similarities & Differences of F1 2021 vs F1 2020:

Both F1 2021 & F1 2020 are racing games, & the official video games of the 2021 Formula One & Formula 2 Championships. F1 2021 is created by Codemasters, & published by EA Sports while F1 2020 is created and published by Codemasters. F1 2021 is the fourteenth title in the F1 video game series by Codemasters, & the first in the video game series published by Electronic Arts under its EA Sports division since F1 Career Challenge in 2003 while F1 2020 is the thirteenth title in the Formula 1 video game series. 



F1 2021 releases on July 16, 2021 for Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S. F1 2020 was released on July 6, 2020 on Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & for the first time on Google Stadia. F1 2021 releases on more platforms compared to F1 2020.     

Differences of F1 2021 vs F1 2020 Video Games
Differences of F1 2021 vs F1 2020 Video Games
Image Credit: Codemasters

Differences in F1 2021 vs F1 2020 - Gameplay:

Both games support single-player, split-screen, & multiplayer modes. F1 2021 uses Ego Engine 4.0 while F1 2020 uses Ego Engine. Both video games have a fabulous story mode. F1 2021 introduces a story mode called Braking Point that includes the returning fictional driver Devon Butler. In Braking Point, players will enter the stylish world of Formula One, which gives them a taste of the lifestyle both on & off the track: such as the rivalries, emotional aspects & also the dedication a player needs to remain at the top & compete at the highest level. In F1 2021 career mode, for the very first time, two players can play career mode together if they want to, either as teammates or opponents. F1 2021 video game is based on the 2021 Formula One season, so the video game features Mick Schumacher who is also in the F1 2020 My Team Career mode, with Nikita Mazepin, & Yuki Tsunoda. Both Alpine & Aston Martin also appear in F1 2021, because both Renault & Racing Point, which were previously featured in F1 2020, are rebranded for this season. The overall gameplay of F1 2021 video game is smooth especially in terms of visual animations compared to F1 2020 video game.

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