Will Shadowverse Champion’s Battle launch on Xbox family: Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S?

Champion’s Battle is a reimagined edition of the popular Shadowverse game that launches on mobile & PC. Shadowverse Champion’s Battle has a new story for both beginners & veteran gamers. Players can gather more than 600 cards as they progress through the game narrative.

Champion’s Battle is created by Cygames. Shadowverse series is popular on PC & mobile due to its unique gameplay, & Cygames keeps updating it. Releasing Shadowverse Champion’s Battle for Nintendo Switch looks like a different approach from Cygames. Shadowverse is a popular game series & it is confirmed to hit Nintendo Switch with Shadowverse Champion’s Battle on 10 August, 2021. It seems like Cygames is planning to launch their games outside of PC & mobile. It is good news for the fans of Xbox because Shadowverse Champion’s Battle might launch on Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S in the future.

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle is only confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch. So far, it is not announced for any other platform. We will update you if Shadowverse Champion’s Battle is confirmed for other platforms including Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle
Shadowverse Champion’s Battle
Image Credit: Cygames

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Story Campaign:

Players will meet people from the original Shadowverse game, as well as new people too. Players must improve their bond with their buddies as they finish missions & enjoy quality life with other students.

Throughout the story campaign, you will gather cards to make powerful decks. Players can play Shadowverse Champion’s Battle alone or with friends via local & online rounds to experience complicated new tactics against their friends.

Gamers will use 3 kinds of cards to make tactics & try to win. They must learn how to play the cards, every card has its own skills, so they must play them when required.


Single Player & Multiplayer Modes:

Gamers will advance in the gameplay & gather fresh cards & use them to make their decks. This game consists of single player modes, as well as online multiplayer for those who want to enjoy the game with the company of friends.

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