Will Shadowverse Champion’s Battle hit PS4, PS5, & Google Stadia?

Cygames is offering Shadowverse Champion’s Battle on Nintendo Switch with a new story, new cards, new characters, & same rules. Players will be able to play a new story which is best for both newcomers & experienced gamers of Shadowverse. New cards as well as returning cards will be available that will make a total of over 600 cards. New characters as well as characters from Shadowverse will be available. New features will ensure that players who have played the original Shadowverse game, can enjoy it too. But rules of Shadowverse Champion’s Battle will not change so experts will not need to learn them again, & rules will be introduced to the beginners that they will be able to learn quickly.

Shadowverse is a famous series available on PC, Mac, Android & iOS. It is a different card game, & it has been frequently updated by Cygames on PC & mobile. It looks surprising to see Shadowverse Champion’s Battle slated to release on a different platform: Nintendo Switch. This makes it obvious that Cygames wants to get the most out of their card game. And who-knows Shadowverse Champion’s Battle launch on other platforms too including PS4, PS5, & Google Stadia.

So far, Shadowverse Champion’s Battle is just slated to launch on Nintendo Switch on 10 August, 2021. We will let you know if anything confirms about the launch of Shadowverse Champion’s Battle on other platforms such as PS4, PS5 & Google Stadia.

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle PS4, PS5 & Stadia Release
Shadowverse Champion’s Battle
Image Credit: Cygames

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Story Campaign:

By advancing in the game narrative, players will discover diverse sites surrounding the school. Players will encounter different events & challenges imposed by the game.


Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Gameplay:

Those who are new to card games will be able to learn the rules very quickly. Progressing through the story mode will let players gather new cards. This game contains more than 600 cards, for making the best deck. Have fun in these exciting card fights of 1 vs 1. Gamers can use 3 kinds of cards to make tactics & struggle for win. Become a legend by carefully playing cards, each of them has their own skills, so use them at the exact time.

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