Does KeyWe provide Cross Platform Play, & Cross Platform Save?

Play as a lovely bird in this cooperative puzzle game.




Cross Play


Cross Gen Play


Cross Save / Progression


Cross Gen Save / Progression


Offline / Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Offline / Couch VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer



KeyWe Offline Co-op:

Offline co-op will let users play together with home mates using the same device. Players must use separate gamepads for supporting each other.

Happily, offline co-op is allowed in KeyWe.


KeyWe Online Co-op:

Online co-op will let you support your internet mate. There is no need to play on the same console so users can play cooperatively from their homes.

Fortunately, online co-op is allowed in this game.


KeyWe Offline PVP Multiplayer:

Offline PVP multiplayer will let you choose your enemy either from your friends or family using the same device.

Sadly, offline PVP multiplayer mode is not included in this game.


KeyWe Online PVP Multiplayer:

Online PVP multiplayer mode will let you play against your adversary. You can choose your adversary from a long list of players with the help of a stable internet.

However, online PVP multiplayer mode is not included in this game.

KeyWe Cross Platform Play
KeyWe Cross Platform Play
Image Credit: Sold Out

KeyWe Cross Platform Play:

Cross Platform Play will let you play with those who are using the same & different platforms than yours.

However, Cross Platform Play is unsupported by KeyWe.


KeyWe Cross Platform Save:

Cross Platform Save will give you an opportunity to select your platform, & upon changing your platform, you can still continue the gameplay from the final save.

Unfortunately, Cross Platform Save is not added to KeyWe.


KeyWe Cross Gen Play:

Users can play the game with others having the same generation, plus they can connect with others even if they have a different generation.

Sadly, Cross Gen Play is not supported by KeyWe.


KeyWe Cross Gen Save:

Players can use a common save on both generations. So, if they switch their generation then they can load the game progress.

Alas, there is no support for Cross Gen Save in KeyWe.

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