Will Heavenly Bodies release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, & Nintendo Switch?

A funny game that allows up to 2 gamers to play together. The very easy tasks that are easy to perform in real life, are very difficult to achieve in Heavenly Bodies. You need to follow space laws in order to maneuver in space. A co-op mode is available in this game that connects you with a partner & together you can perform quests assigned to you by people from the earth. In this game you will feel weightless.

Heavenly Bodies is only confirmed to release on PS4, PS5 & PC. It is not coming to any other platforms at launch. I think that Heavenly Bodies has a unique idea of playing in zero gravity, & it could become a hit due to its uniqueness. The developers might consider launching Heavenly Bodies on other platforms too such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintendo Switch. Releasing Heavenly Bodies on other platforms is not yet confirmed so I will update you if anything about the launching of Heavenly Bodies on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintendo Switch is confirmed.

Will Heavenly Bodies Launch on Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S?
Will Heavenly Bodies Launch on Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S?
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Heavenly Bodies Gameplay:

Action of Heavenly Bodies is set on a spacecraft that is revolving in space. You are in space because you need to perform a number of tasks that will get tougher as you progress through the gameplay. Many of the objectives seem very easy but completing them is quite difficult because you are weightless so these objectives need more work to be completed. You will be helped by another human player but will he make your job easier?

The main physics that this game involves is weightless. All items & astronauts in space behave contrary, including simple tasks like traversing from one room to another are difficult to perform in space. This is not the end because you need to complete lots of difficult objectives too such as installing fragile solar panels, completing research work on space vegetation, gathering big telescopes, so this game is quite more difficult than it seems.


Multiplayer Mode of Heavenly Bodies:

1 gamer can play this game or you can take help of a human friend in the offline co-op mode.


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