Does The Medium Support Couch / Online Co-op or VS (PVP) Multiplayer?

Explore a dark story that requires a medium for solution. This game is set in an uninhibited resort where players must harness their psychic skills to reveal its immersive troubling secrets, crack puzzles, & endure encounters.

Discover 2 worlds such as actual & spirit. Players need to use their psychic skills to crack puzzles across both worlds, reveal immersive troubling mysteries, & save themselves from a creature.

Equip original psychic skills in The Medium. Journey b/w the real & spirit world or discover both worlds at the same time. Make energy shields & carry spirit blasts to endure the spirit world & its ghostly hazards.




Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch VS (PVP) Multiplayer


Online VS (PVP) Multiplayer



What is a Local Co-op?

Users have the opportunity to invite anyone at home to help them out in gameplay if local co-op is supported. Other common names of local co-op are couch co-op or online co-op.

Does The Medium Offer Couch / Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Does The Medium Offer Couch / Online Co-op Multiplayer?
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Is Local Co-op included in The Medium?

Sorry, there is no local co-op in The Medium.


What is an Online Co-op?

You have the freedom to join the game of other gamers or invite them to join your game. You can either play with friends or anyone playing the game with the help of the internet.


Is Online Co-op included in The Medium?

Sadly, The Medium does not include Online Co-op.


What is a Local VS Multiplayer?

Users have the chance to play the game in contest with their family members or friends that are present in your room. You can pass on a separate controller to another user to play against you if you want mayhem. VS multiplayer has another common name: PVP multiplayer.


Does The Medium support a Local VS Multiplayer?

Alas, Local VS Multiplayer Mode is not included in The Medium.


What is an Online VS Multiplayer?

It’s very pleasing when you are playing in competition with real players around the globe that include your friends & strangers via an Online VS Multiplayer.


Does The Medium support an Online VS Multiplayer?

Sadly, Online VS Multiplayer is not supported by The Medium.

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