Can I Play Local / Online Co-op or VS (PVP) Multiplayer Mode in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Race against your buddies in split screen VS multiplayer that allows 2 players to race at the same time or join online VS multiplayer that allows up to 12 players to compete.




Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch VS / PVP Multiplayer


Online VS / PVP Multiplayer



What is a Couch Co-op?

Players can play the game in the company of family / buddies on the same device. Players can help each other when playing the Couch Co-op.


Does Hot Wheels Unleashed Support Couch Co-op?

Sorry, Couch Co-op is unsupported by Hot Wheels Unleashed.


What is an Online Co-op?

Players can play the game in the company of internet buddies or anyone who is online & playing the same game.


Can I use Online Co-op in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Sadly, Online Co-op is unavailable in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Does Hot Wheels Unleashed Offer VS / PVP Multiplayer?
Does Hot Wheels Unleashed Offer VS / PVP Multiplayer?
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What is a Couch VS Multiplayer?

Players can contest their family or friends when playing on the same screen. They must beat their opponents & race first in order to win the match. VS Multiplayer is also known as PVP Multiplayer.


Does Hot Wheels Unleashed Offer Couch VS Multiplayer?

Sorry, Couch VS Multiplayer is not offered by Hot Wheels Unleashed.


What is an Online VS Multiplayer?

Players can compete with their online buddies or any online professional racer using Online VS Multiplayer.


Can I Play Online VS Multiplayer in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Sorry, Online VS Multiplayer is not supported by Hot Wheels Unleashed.


Cool Features of Hot Wheels Unleashed:

  • If you propel your vehicle through a higher challenge, then you will achieve a wonderful victory.
  • Make your own tracks & speed your vehicle through your own creation. Use creative tracks to make the most of the race. Choose the environment that suits your mood, & based on your expertise, you can create the tracks that suit your style.
  • Many elements can be gathered during gameplay. Elements are a nice feature that will let you host the spectacular races inside it.
  • Old cars with amazing speeds are included. Achieve the highest speed using your iconic ride.

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