Salt and Sacrifice: Local Shared Screen and Online Co-op, PVP Multiplayer, Cross Play, Cross Progression, Cross Gen Play:

Salt and Sacrifice offers both single player & multiplayer modes. Players can play Salt and Sacrifice with another mate on the shared screen or online via the internet. Players can invite other gamers for assistance, & also join their game & help them.

Does Salt and Sacrifice Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Salt and Sacrifice Offer Co-op Multiplayer?
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Salt and Sacrifice offers both Local Shared Screen & Online Co-op Multiplayer. Local and Online PVP Multiplayer is unavailable in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice does not seem to support Cross Play, Cross Gen Play, & Cross Progression. However, there is no official news from the developers about the availability of Cross Platform Multiplayer, Cross Gen Play & Cross Save in Salt and Sacrifice. Salt and Sanctuary is the predecessor of Salt and Sacrifice & it did not offer Cross Play, Cross Progression & Cross Gen Play. Salt and Sanctuary only offered a Couch Co-op. Fortunately, Online Co-op is now available in Salt and Sacrifice.


Salt and Sacrifice Gameplay:

Players will control Marked Inquisitor, whose adventure is set on a fantasy planet & his role is to slay mages that are destroying the world. Salt and Sacrifice allows players to play alone or with their friends in co-op multiplayer.

Salt and Sacrifice is a follower of Salt and Sanctuary.

Players will control an outlaw who was offered a decision to die or work for the Marked Inquisitor. He chooses to work for the Marked Inquisitor, & prove himself a roaming killer who does not even fear death. He is on a quest to kill dangerous mages that spread disorder on the planet.

All the action will be seen from the side. When you begin Salt and Sacrifice, you need to make a hero, choose his look & the crime he did, along with selecting his class. There are eight professions. Every profession has its own battle abilities, combating style, as well as preferred weaponries.

Roam the game world & gather hints about your upcoming targets (mages) & follow them in order to beat foes. There are many rivals exceeding 100 creatures. There are standard & superior rivals. Mages are the superior foes that are like the bosses of this game, & beating them is difficult.

While combating enemies, you need to make use of fast moves & release quick counterattacks. Find the weak spots of your rivals & attack them for causing greater damage. There are many weaponries to choose from for beating rivals such as short range & long-range weapons.

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