Pre Release Comparison and Differences between Sniper Elite 5 vs Sniper Elite 4:

Sniper Elite 5 VS Sniper Elite 4 Comparison is written 2 months before the release of Sniper Elite 5 so it is only based on the initial information available about Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 4 is the fourth main game in the famous tactical first person shooter series that allows players to control a professional sniper who wants to save Italy from the stronghold of Fascism in WW2. The first game in the Sniper Elite series was launched in 2005 that was set in the besieged Berlin before the termination of the war. Sniper Elite V2 was again set in Berlin but the gameplay was extended & the base game received a modern formula. Sniper Elite 3 was launched in 2014, & this game was set in Africa that lets users battle against German forces in North Africa.

The series is back with Sniper Elite 5 as Karl battles to reveal Project kraken in France in the year 1944.


The Positive Features of Sniper Elite 4 include:

  • X-ray assassinations in Sniper Elite 4 are very satisfying.
  • Stage & objective design motivates players to think creatively.
  • The movement system of the game is enhanced, & multiplayer choices are fun.
  • Players can punch enemies.
  • AI controlled enemies are difficult to beat.
  • Sniper Elite 4 is beautiful.
  • Sniper Elite 4 not just seems beautiful but runs fine, offering dense forests & quality effects that can run over 80 FPS at all times.
  • Lots of gameplay content such as a long solo or co-op story campaign, a separate 4 player co-op, & completely featured multiplayer mode.
  • High variety in gameplay provides alternative ways of tackling any goal; instanced open regions offer a variety of ways to approach any situation.
  • Sniper shooting enemies without making any noise.
  • High diversity in designing levels.
  • Lesser barrier to entry than previous games in the series.


The Negative Features of Sniper Elite 4 include:

  • Competitive multiplayer mode of Sniper Elite 4 seems tedious.
  • Sniper Elite 4 feels repetitive.
  • The objectives of Sniper Elite 4 are unimaginable.
  • Multiplayer mode of Sniper Elite 4 is not highly engaging based on the mode, & it has a small community, which is not good.
  • Tools / secondary weaponries are not necessarily required if lower difficulty is selected.
  • Run & gun feels wonky & not accurate.
  • The narrative of Sniper Elite 4 is not gripping.

Differences between Sniper Elite 5 VS Sniper Elite 4
Differences between Sniper Elite 5 VS Sniper Elite 4
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Improvements & New Features of Sniper Elite 5 VS Sniper Elite 4:

Sniper Elite is back with another instalment, Sniper Elite 5 that again focuses on the story of Karl who must battle to reveal Project Kraken in France in the year 1944.

Sniper Elite 5 has improved many of the negative aspects of Sniper Elite 4. Sniper Elite 5 features precise sniping, with an improved kill cam. The maps of Sniper Elite 5 are more detailed. The sequel provides unparalleled sniping, & tactical third person fight. The maps are more detailed & it captures numerous earth sites, & players have the opportunity to use an enhanced traveling system that allows them to discover more than Sniper Elite 4.


Detailed Customization:

Users can see enhancements in the sequel via the ballistics system & enjoy an expansive weapons customization, offering the chance to alter many parts of the weaponry, & select from a variety of ammo.

Players can do lots of customization of their weaponries & now they can change every part of the firearm. Every firearm has many customization choices. In addition, players can choose the ammunition that suit their enemy, such as ammo that can pierce through the armour or choose another type of ammo that does not kill their target.


Better Multiplayer Modes:

Sniper Elite 5 enhances the gameplay & adds fresh ideas to multiplayer.

Players can invade their friend’s story mode as an Axis sniper. The Axis sniper is actually a German sniper who has a mission to shoot Karl. However, the protagonist can invite a buddy to assist him, & together they need to shoot the Axis sniper.

Players can modify the protagonist with load outs & receive XP, medals & other rewards as they battle against their enemy in highly challenging 16 users’ fights that will be a great way to test the talent of the sniper. If players prefer cooperative mode, then they can join a squad with up to three of their buddies & fight against swarms of rivals in the Survival mode.

Users can enjoy typical player vs player fights too, that allows up to 16 users to battle against one another in a single location. Users can enjoy survival mode too, where their objective is to battle versus swarms of foes with procedurally difficult rivals.


Better Co-op:

Players can either complete the story campaign alone or get the assistance of another player, with enhanced cooperation letting players give or get ammunition & other objects, offer orders & cure one another.


Improved Bullet Behaviour:

Players can see how much destruction their bullet causes to their enemy with an improved X-ray kill cam. Bones can deflect the bullet in an unpredictable way that rip through a new way in the rival bodies.


New Features of Kill Cam:

Kill cam works for knife hits. Players can also use kill cam for machine guns, & pistols that let them watch multiple bullets in slow motion.


Large Detailed Map:

Every quest takes place on a big map that has an open structure. Users will get missions, but they can finish them in multiple ways. Users can hit rivals from far via a sniper rifle or shoot them from near using machine guns or pistols, or they can proceed with stealth & attempt to complete the mission undetected.

The real earth sites provide lively & detailed locations. It provides multiple infiltration & extraction points that allows players to kill their enemy in multiple ways. Kill list targets offer a new viewpoint on every quest.


Better Graphics:

The sequel provides complete 3D visuals. Sniper Elite 5 provides bigger & detailed maps, & enhancements in kill cam that make every kill stunning as compared to Sniper Elite 4.

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