Differences between Madden NFL 23 VS Madden NFL 22:

It is the third year of the new console generation (PS5 & Xbox Series XS) that revolutionizes the new NFL game.


Modern NFL 23 VS Madden NFL 22 – New Gameplay Features:

Electronic Arts disclosed multiple new game changing aspects of NFL 23. Have a look at them


Introducing FieldSense - Madden NFL 23 Reveal Trailer

One of the main features is FieldSense that promises ultra-realistic gameplay. It alters the way NFL 23 plays out. It offers a gameplay flow with authentic results on the field. FieldSense is aiming to alter the way the game plays through every mode, offering a new foundation upon which each on-field result will happen.

FieldSense provides a gameplay flow with authentic results on the playing field. It influences animation branching tech. to permit Hit Everything that redesigns the physical interactions during gameplay letting users battle for each inch & alter the result of tackles.  It alters the gameplay across every mode, offering users the control to display their abilities on the sticks, & change the result of gameplay.


Madden NFL 23 - Gameplay & First Details Revealed

360 Cuts:

Madden NFL 23 is not only altering the game at the point of contact as it also introduces a new feature, 360 Cuts that allows users to alter direction on a dime while controlling ball-carriers.


Skill Based Passing:

The FieldSense also adds ‘skill based passing’ via a new accuracy reticle & passing meter. Users can manage the control & precision with higher granularity than previous games via the new system. If users want to use the classic passing, then there is an option to switch bw them. The revamped feature will improve the passing with a Skill Based Passing, a new method to pass, which provides users the final control to place the ball precisely where they want, with the power they want.


Madden NFL 23 VS Madden NFL 22 – Gameplay Improvement:

A solo story driven mode, Face of the Franchise is back that focuses on making the best career of the franchise across 5 skill positions. Ultimate Team will offer easy team making & suitable contests to let players gather the very powerful list of athletes.

Electronic Arts has paid close attention to its fans & tweaked the franchise mode by adding new features including free agency, & contract improvements, modifications to draft scouting, & upgrades to the Franchise Hub & trade logic.

Majority of the core gameplay mechanics have been enhanced, & EA Sports have fully tweaked 3 gameplay foundations such as Pass Coverage, Pass Rush, & containing mobile quarterbacks.


Madden NFL 23 VS Madden NFL 22 – Graphics Improvement:

Graphically, the developers are using the power of PS5 & Xbox Series XS with new character-body types, gears & graphics fully remade via new complete body scans of athletes & gameday gear scans, which is a new feature added to the Madden NFL series.

The graphics of Madden NFL 23 have been improved with a new level of graphical authenticity in every level of the game. EA Sports is looking forward to matching the game graphics to the actual sports broadcast. Every athlete’s model is refined using NFL athlete scans. Along with athletes' bodies, the stadiums have been improved.


Madden NFL 23 Cover Star:

Madden NFL 23 Cover Star
Madden NFL 23 Cover Star
Image Credit: Electronic Arts

The cover star of Madden NFL 23 is none other than John Madden. The legendary sports announcer, John Madden died in December 2021, & to pay tribute to the legend, he is featured on the cover photo of all editions of Madden NFL 23.


Madden NFL 23 Release Date:

Madden NFL 23 is set to be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series XS & Xbox One on 19 August, 2022.

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