Differences between NHL 23 VS NHL 22 in Gameplay and Graphics:

NHL 23 will launch soon so get ready to play ice hockey for the first time on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S.

NHL 22 was graphically improved & offered excellent character animations. However, it was criticized for being half-baked. Now we are expecting a better NHL game that uses the additional speed of PS5, & Xbox Series X/S.

NHL 23 Official Announcement Trailer

Gameplay Comparison of NHL 23 VS NHL 22:

National Hockey League is improving with every new edition, & it offers the following main features:

  • Chel returns & offers the best-connected experience yet.
  • Franchise Mode is back. It lets players begin as their favorite squad, or run an expansion draft & become the 33rd National Hockey League club. Move towards the Stanley Cup & during your journey, you need to sign-in athletes, develop upcoming athletes, & maintain the very crucial salary cap.
  • Ultimate Team is back, & now it allows players to choose women’s athletes included in Hut, along with men players.

NHL 23 Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer

NHL 23 features Last Chance Puck Movement that offered Trevor an opportunity to shoot a spectacular goal in the trailer such as shooting the puck while he was stumbling over.

Electronic Arts is focusing on making NHL 23 much more authentic compared to previous NHL games in the series. Fans have enjoyed many spectacular goals in the recent NHL games, & they are able to remake some of those spectacular goals while making fresh moments, which is going to be a real joy. Electronic Arts is adding five hundred stumble animations to the game that will create endless opportunities for players.

Now users are able to add Women players in the NHL Ultimate Team. Users can create a combined team of men & women athletes.

Cross Play Matchmaking is available in NHL 23. Users of PS4 & Xbox One can play together. In the same way, PS5 users can play with Xbox Series X/S users.

Cross Platform Matchmaking works in the World of Chel, & Ultimate Team. However, Electronic Arts is hopeful that after the game launch, Cross Play can grow & offer more opportunities for users.


Graphics Comparison of NHL 23 VS NHL 22:

The National Hockey League 2023 is going to use the Frostbite Engine. Therefore, the visuals of NHL 23 will be better & crowds will seem more real. X-Factors are back in NHL 23. It seems like NHL 23 may include new X-Factors but they are not revealed yet. NHL 22 was visually enhanced, & it provided excellent character animations.

NHL 23 Cover Star:

NHL 23 Cover Star: Trevor and Nurse
NHL 23 Cover Star: Trevor and Nurse
Image Credit: EA Sports

This year’s NHL cover will show not 1 but 2 players. Nurse is the first woman chosen as the cover star of NHL 23 along with Trevor Zegras. Zegras became one of the youngest athletes to feature as the cover star of NHL.


NHL 23 Release Date:

NHL 23 is set to be launched across the globe on 14 October 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S. If anybody pre-orders the X-Factor Edition, then they would be able to play the game three days prior to the launch date on 11 October 2022.

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