Does Pacific Drive support Couch and Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer | Cross Play?

A first person survival video game that allows players to discover the transformed lands of the northwestern coast of America in their vehicle. During adventures, players will face anomalies, creatures & bad weather, & they can upgrade their vehicle during gameplay.

Does Pacific Drive support Split Screen Co-op?
Does Pacific Drive support Split Screen Co-op?
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Pacific Drive just supports a single player mode.


Does Pacific Drive support Local & Online Co-op?

No, Pacific Drive does not support Local & Online Co-op.


Does Pacific Drive provide (Local & Online) VS Multiplayer?

No, Pacific Drive does not provide (Local & Online) VS Multiplayer.


Does Pacific Drive support Cross Play & Cross Progression?

No, Pacific Drive does not support Cross Play & Cross Progression.


Pacific Drive Story:

After a strange cataclysm, the land was devastated & forced the inhabitants to settle outside. Players will control a daredevil, who wishes to reach the Olympic Exclusion Zone, using his vehicle because he knows that this is the place to discover what caused the disaster.


Pacific Drive Gameplay:

A survival action game that allows players to watch the action from a first person view. Players will spend most of the gameplay in a vehicle, such as travelling through hostile lands. Players will confront anomalies & different creatures, along with bad weather.

Players can leave their vehicle when collecting various objects or fixing their machine. Players can upgrade their vehicle, including its components, like installing improved armour, & gadgets, along with improving its appearance.

In Pacific Drive, players will traverse through hostile but comparatively short adventures, b/w which they can come back to the garage that acts as a base. After every adventure, most of the world elements such as raw materials, creatures & anomalies are randomly produced to offer new challenges to players.


Summary: Pacific Drive Main Multiplayer Modes:

  • Offline Co-op: Not supported
  • Online Co-op: Not supported
  • LAN Co-op: Not supported
  • Offline PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Online PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • LAN PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not supported

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