Does Golfie support Local or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play?

A run-based, roguelike golf deck-builder. Users need to complete procedurally generated stages, make a deck of crazy card skills, & attempt to beat every eighteen holes. Users need to decide the path wisely because every run or shot is different.

Does Golfie support Couch or Online Multiplayer?
Does Golfie support Couch or Online Multiplayer?
Image Credit: Triheart Studio

Golfie is available in early access. The developers have planned to add solo & multiplayer content.

Does Golfie support Local or Online Multiplayer?

Golfie supports Couch & Online multiplayer modes. Up to eight users can play Golfie simultaneously with one another with a versatile multiplayer gameplay such as users can battle, surprise, cooperate or annoy their buddies.

Golfie does not support Cross Play and Cross Progression.


Golfie Gameplay:

Golfie combines deck building & golf. In this game, users can power up & change real time golf shots by gathering & making a deck of cards.

Every run needs tactics, planning & ability. Make original decks that can unlock amazing new paths of gameplay, offering users the ability to play some amazing shots.

Users need to beat all eighteen holes in procedurally generated stages in the solo campaign. They need to shape the deck by gathering cards, & get bonuses & skills using special modifiers – every one of them can merge to make completely different shots.

Card powers can differ from enhancing the distance or elevation of a normal shot, using incredible skills & power-ups that can be merged together. However, users need to be wise as finishing over par will result in losing some of the energy & if it is completely zero, the run will end.

Daily scores, never ending modes & seeded runs determine that users will be playing unlimited holes. Users need to get experience in every run to unlock many cards & customization choices. Then, they need to come back to the course with more paths to play.


Golfie Release Date:

Golfie is set to be released on PC on 19 January 2023. Golfie is developed by Triheart Studio, & published by Yogscast Games.

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