Differences between Fire Emblem Engage VS Three Houses VS Heroes:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses received critical acclamation when it launched in 2019. Fire Emblem Three Houses received the highest financial success, as almost four million game copies were sold by the end of 2021. It seemed obvious that the creators would consider expanding the idea of Three Houses in the sequel.

Fire Emblem Engage took a bold step of focusing on the most successful mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes that made over $1 billion since its release in 2017. Heroes is not as fan favourite as Three Houses, but it is still impressive, & it is financially a very successful project. Therefore, it does not seem to surprise too much that Fire Emblem Engage is focused heavily on Fire Emblem Heroes rather than Three Houses.

Differences in Fire Emblem Engage VS Heroes VS Three Houses
Differences in Fire Emblem Engage VS Heroes VS Three Houses

The full idea of Engage is built on Heroes with a twist. The gameplay of Engage is based on recruiting units from the entire series. Fire Emblem Heroes generates wealth by giving users a role of summoning random characters, so users can hire hundreds of units. In the most recent game, a dozen of the game’s most famous characters are available in the narrative.

Both games use the same idea but take a diverse approach. Characters summoned in Heroes are controllable heroes, & if users want to progress through the extremely challenging content, they need to win the right characters from its virtual slot machine. Summons in Engage need to be paired up with the remaining heroes to unlock statistics improvement & powerful new attacks.

Fire Emblem Engage does not offer an alternative way to summon where a lower ‘bond rings’ can be established using in-game money. It is the most successful mechanic, offering users a way to access rings depicting random units from earlier instalments, & even duplicates can be merged into further dominant forms.

Engage & Heroes summon units in a similar way, & trust me it is not the best. 1 of the primary aspects of Heroes is collecting a large pool of jpegs to look respectfully in between fights, so it is not surprising that they are not given profound representation. In the latest game, the flatness of images is more visible. The summons seem like fake characters. They are very crucial to the story. If users haven’t played the history of Fire Emblem such as from where these summons are taken from, they would not know why these characters are very important, or even what makes them different from one another.

The units who do not live in pieces of jewellery charge a lot better. However, they feel to be dissimilar from the Three Houses’ well-defined characters. Three Heroes have different & unforgettable heroes but the cartoon-like extravagant heroes of Engage look more different, in character & design.

Three Houses is a masterpiece in speed because it gradually builds its place & dangers before everything gets opposite of what it was before. Engage offers quick gameplay that has its own pros and cons. The story does not need time to begin, & fights start in fast succession that won’t give users much time in between for rest.

If users think that Three Houses has many side activities that could be tiresome, then Engage won’t waste their time. The base of Engage has very slight similarities to Three Houses’ expansive academy. Users can fish & take team dinners, but they won’t be completing missions there, nor this game wastes users’ time in lesson plans. Three Houses is heavily focused on exploring the game world while Engage is primarily based on participating in fights with a little break in between.

During battles, Engage is fast paced like Heroes but different from Three Houses. Fights can be lengthy & complicated, but moves & turns from each user are much faster. The battles of Engage feel new, because its UI is completely remodeled to show every detail users want to see. Fights in Three Houses feel slow because users need time to sift through menus for swinging a blade only once.

Engage is not based on Three Houses but it is heavily focused on Heroes, which can make it an exciting & competing game.

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