Differences of Resident Evil 4 Remake VS Original (RE 4 Remastered VS RE 4) in Gameplay and Graphics:

Endurance is only the start. 6 years after the Raccoon City tragedy, players will once again control Leon who is one of the survivors of Raccoon City. Zombies appeared in Raccoon City after a scientific experiment carried out by Umbrella Corporation converted people into flesh eating zombies. Those bitten by zombies are transformed into zombies. Later a missile destroyed the whole Raccoon City.

Now, Leon is back in Resident Evil 4. His task is to search the village to find the president’s daughter & take her back to safety. Leon finds her in this village but the escape is not easy. He must protect the girl because her death will terminate the game. This mission is very challenging because this game is beyond survival. It is an intersection of life & death, horror & liberation.

Resident Evil 4 remake offers modern gameplay, a reimagined narrative, & highly detailed visuals.

Comparison b/w Resident Evil 4 Remake VS Resident Evil 4
Comparison b/w Resident Evil 4 Remake VS Resident Evil 4
Image Credit: CAPCOM

The first home Leon visits has more rooms & enemies in RE 4 remake compared to RE 4:

Fans who have played the original Resident Evil 4 would have seen the intense opening scene that has been changed tremendously in the new version. It seems as the first home that Leon discovers is quite bigger, consisting of more rooms & rivals than the base game. Users will encounter 1 of the 2 policemen who journeys with the protagonist to his destination in order to find the President’s daughter.

Right from the beginning, the surrounding looks more disturbing, with silence, darkness & the protagonist feels more isolated as he roams across the village trying to find clues about the kidnapped Ashley. The base game used to be terrifying from the beginning, but the remake is more frightening than before.


Enemies are harsher in RE 4 remake compared to the original:

The base game was popular for isolating Leon, & giving him little assistance in major parts of the game. Rivals were ruthless in their chase & assaults, often attacking in mass. The trailer shows that the enemies are harsher in the remake, & they attack players in new ways, which offers versatility to the gameplay.

The controls have been changed, & the protagonist can aim & move at the same time. The rivals’ behaviour is quite harsh & they can quickly approach users. Users will feel the horror when fending off rivals.


Switch weapons on the fly in RE remake:

The original game received criticism, as switching weapons would need users to pause the game & choose a different weapon from the inventory. It was because of the limited game development capabilities. Now CAPCOM uses RE engine, which gives an opportunity to users to switch weaponries on the fly & shoot enemies on the go.

Now the gameplay feels more fluid & gives users a smooth experience.


Rivals can perform diverse attacks in RE 4 remake compared to the base game:

Rivals had limited attacks in the original, & most of the attacks of the base game were related to grabbing & choking the hero, throwing an axe or using weaponries to attack him.

The remake offers varied attacks including punching Leon, leaping at him from higher distance & even holding the protagonist for Dr. Salvador to arrive & execute him. Such an invention will put users on the edge of their seat when fighting against rivals, as foes use a variety of techniques to kill the hero.

An expansive gameplay for RE Remake is available in the trailer. The gameplay shows Leon walking through a forest, & going inside a home & into the basement filled with bones. After picking up a communicator, an enemy attacks him.

The protagonist needs to attack him back, as well as sneak behind covers & avoid attacks. The enemies can use new attacking moves that increase the difficulty. Users can still kick rivals & use a knife to kill them without wasting ammunition.

The protagonist can parry his attacks using his knife. The Merchant is back, & users can sell precious gems.


RE 4 remake is graphically overhauled compared to the original:

Leon has seen a major visual improvement compared to his appearance in RE 4, & RE 2 Remake. The characters from the original RE 2 game have been tremendously overhauled in RE 2 Remake to meet the expectations of modern gaming consoles. The original RE 4 was launched 3 console generations ago, which means that some of the people from the original game have seen dramatic visual improvement.

RE 4 is the major step in pioneering the series’ 3rd person horror gameplay. Both RE 2 & RE 3 used a fixed camera, so in RE 4 Remake things did not change that much in that matter. RE 4 Remake has seen major improvement in its upgraded graphics. Characters have been tremendously renovated because most of the characters in the remake have different costumes while others seem fully different.

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