Does WWE 2K23 support Couch or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Progression?

WWE 2K23 is better due to expanded attributes, stunning visuals, & a long list of wrestlers. WWE 2K23 focuses on John Cena’s twenty-year career. In addition, users will be able to play WarGames.

Does WWE 2K23 support Cross Play?
Does WWE 2K23 support Cross Play?
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Does WWE 2K23 support Couch Co-op?

Fortunately, WWE 2K23 supports Couch Co-op.


Does WWE 2K23 offer Online Co-op?

Luckily, WWE 2K23 offers Online Co-op.


Does WWE 2K23 provide Couch PVP Multiplayer?

Luckily, WWE 2K23 provides Couch PVP Multiplayer.


Does WWE 2K23 support Online PVP Multiplayer?

Fortunately, WWE 2K23 supports Online PVP Multiplayer.


Does WWE 2K23 support Cross Play?

Cross Play is not yet confirmed for WWE 2K23. WWE 2K22 did not support Cross Platform Multiplayer so while it is still possible, it does look unlikely that WWE 2K23 will support Cross Platform Multiplayer.


Does WWE 2K23 support Cross Progression:

Cross Progression & Shared VC Wallet works on Xbox & PlayStation console families, therefore users can transfer their progress from PS4 to PS5, & Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S when they upgrade their console. Users will not be able to transfer their DLC items from one generation to another.


Multiplayer Mode


(Shared / Split Screen) Co-op


Online Co-op


Combo (Local + Online) Co-op


LAN Co-op


(Shared / Split Screen) VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Combo (Local + Online) VS Multiplayer


LAN VS Multiplayer


Cross Play

Not Officially Confirmed


WWE 2K23 Description:


2K Showcase: John Cena’s 20-year WWE Career:

Fight against the hardest rivals of John Cena, & enjoy the crucial moments of his twenty-year career in world wrestling.


WarGames is introduced for the first time in WWE 2K23. Users will be able to enjoy three versus three, & four versus four multiplayer mayhem in two side-by-side rings, enclosed by a cage.


Choices are important in MyGM:

MyGM allows users to take the supremacy of the weekly WWE show, & fight versus opponent general managers for brand reign. Now users are able to select from more General Managers, added show choices, multiple seasons, expanded match cards, & other match types are included featuring up to four users.


WWE Wrestler Cards:

Gather & enhance cards of wrestlers to make the final team & fight for worldwide supremacy in MyFaction, now offering multiplayer using the internet.


MyRise Mode:

Users need to start with a debutant, & shape their career as a professional wrestler using the choices they make along the way through different narratives.


WWE 2K23 Universe Mode:

The Universe Mode of the game is the final sandbox that puts users in control of WWE. Users can choose their wrestler from a list, complete weekly shows, & do more.

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