Does MLB The Show 23 support Split Screen or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Progression?

MLB The Show 23 supports Online Co-op and Online PVP Multiplayer. Co-op & VS Multiplayer works in multiple game modes.

Does MLB The Show 23 support Cross Play?
Does MLB The Show 23 support Cross Play?
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Does MLB The Show 23 support Cross Play?

Users can play MLB The Show 23 with their buddies or strangers, no matter which console or generation they are playing from. Cross Play is supported between PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintendo Switch.


Does MLB The Show 23 support Cross Progression?

MLB The Show 23 supports Cross Progression that lets users share their progress between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 & Nintendo Switch.


MLB The Show 23 Multiplayer Modes:


Battle Royale:

Battle Royale is an online PVP multiplayer that allows users to make their own squads for a max of twelve matches. The objective of users is to win as many matches as possible to get bigger rewards. If users lose twice, they will be knocked out of the series.



Casual mode does not offer any rewards, but users can battle out versus other users via the internet.


Fan Takeover:

An exciting mode that lets users command their fans to hit territories & lead the entire map.



Users are able to command their Diamond Dynasty collection with their buddies & play with their online mates.



Events alter on a weekly basis or two starting at release, & these contests need squads created from specific types of users as they contest versus other players online.


Mini Seasons:

Mini Seasons lets users play versus user-created rosters but not in real time.


Play VS Friends:

Users can play a friendly match versus friends to test their list of superstars versus theirs.



Showdown lets users make a squad & select perks for them before starting a series of matches concluding in a boss fight where users need to beat with a no. of successive at-bats.


Ranked Seasons:

The very daring mode where users contest to show their worth & enhance their rank. Users need to fight against their buddies close to their ranking or ability level for maximum rewards at the termination of every season.


Home Run Derby:

Extremely easy, users need to play against their online buddies or other players to attempt & score the maximum home runs in a certain time.


Challenge of the Week:

Complete dares every week to attempt & finish at the peak of the leaderboards.


Online Co-op:

Make a squad with buddies or others online across every platform in two versus two or three versus three modes.



Users can play offline or online with real sport players via live rosters.

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