Does Cricket 24 support Couch or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer - Cross Play - Cross Progression?

Cricket 24 is set to be released in June 2023. Cricket 24 is focused on the success of Cricket 22 & widens its scope, adding world teams, thus establishing itself as the most immersive cricket game ever developed.

Does Cricket 24 support Cross Play?
Does Cricket 24 support Cross Play?
Image Credit: Big Ant Studios

Cricket 24 offers Cross Play that allows users to contend against other online users, regardless of their platforms.

Cricket 24 allows users to share their content between platforms, such as stadiums, cricketers, squads etc.

Users will receive cards to rebuild their dream squad & involve in weekly challenges in solo play or contend against other users across the globe. Buddies can get together to participate in The Auction mode, highlighting team development.


Does Cricket 24 support Co-op or Multiplayer?

Fortunately, Cricket 24 supports both Local & Online Multiplayer modes. Users can complete weekly challenges in solo gameplay or play online against the world. They can connect with their buddies to contend at team building in the Auction mode.


Does Cricket 24 support Cross Play?

Luckily, Cricket 24 supports Cross Play. We can play with our buddies or with best players across the globe on any platform via Cross Play.


Does Cricket 24 support Cross Progression?

Fortunately, Cricket 24 supports Cross Progression. We can make & share stuff across different platforms such as stadiums, athletes, teams etc. with the academy.


Cricket 24 Modes:

Cricket 24 features many different modes.

Career mode of Cricket 24 allows users to lead their custom players from club level to the international level, improving their abilities & adding more fans. This game features enhanced control over the users’ career, making him specialist in short format, Test squads, or a combined experience in chase of fame.

The fielding of this game has been fully refurbished, providing the very authentic & responsive controls never seen before in a cricket game.


Cricket 24 Release Date:

Cricket 24 is set to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & Nintendo Switch in June 2023. Cricket 24 is developed by Big Ant Studios & published by Nacon.

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