Does Super Bomberman R 2 support Cross Play and Cross Progression?

Super Bomberman R 2 is the most recent game of the party battle series Super Bomberman R. It features new escapades & modes. This game features the biggest content volume in the series because of new escapades & modes.

Does Super Bomberman R2 support Cross Play?
Does Super Bomberman R2 support Cross Play?
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Fans of the Super Bomberman R series might be wondering whether the latest title will support Cross Play between the available platforms along with Cross Progression. Fortunately, Super Bomberman R 2 supports Cross Play that was also available in Super Bomberman R Online.

Super Bomberman R 2 not just offers battles that are playable with family & buddies, but also online fights that bind users from across the globe, along with solo mode.


Does Super Bomberman R 2 support Cross Play?

Fortunately, Super Bomberman R 2 supports up to 64 players in the battle royale mode via Cross Play. Therefore, users can enjoy the game with their mates from different platforms. Battle for survival in the 64-player match.


Does Super Bomberman R 2 support Cross Progression?

Cross Progression allows users to share their inventory items & content across different platforms. So far, Cross Progression is not confirmed for Super Bomberman R 2. We will update this section if we receive any update related to Cross Progression.


Stage Editor:

Users can share their customized levels with blocks & gimmicks with their online buddies.

They can make, play, share & discover different levels via Stage Editor.


Story Mode:

The Story mode of Super Bomber R 2 has seen enhancements.

Users can visit new worlds with the new buddies of Bomberman, & confront the dangers of the cosmos.


Core Multiplayer Features:

  • Couch Co-op: Not Supported
  • Online Co-op: Not Supported
  • LAN Co-op: Not Supported
  • Couch PVP Multiplayer: Supported
  • Online PVP Multiplayer: Supported
  • LAN PVP Multiplayer: Not Supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Supported
  • Cross Save: Not Yet Confirmed

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