Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Play, Cross Gen Play, Cross Progression or Cross Gen Progression?

Have fun with heaps of action & unlimited personalized MyPlayers choices in MyCareer. Make your best team in MyTeam. NBA 2K24 is coming next month & players will be looking for information related to Cross Play & Cross Progression in the upcoming NBA 2K24. We have covered these topics in detail so please read this post until the end.

Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Play?
Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Play?
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Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Play?

PC, Nintendo Switch & other generations will not support Cross Platform Multiplayer in NBA 2K24. Cross Play is limited to the new generation consoles. Players will enjoy Cross Play with their buddies in NBA 2K24 on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S. Players can enjoy Cross Play across every mode in NBA 2K24.


Can players disable Cross Play if they want to play with their mates on their own platform?

Yes, Cross Play can be disabled so players can experience Multiplayer with their mates on their own platform.


How does Cross Play affect matchmaking?

If players turn on Cross Play, then the matchmaking time is expected to be lowered, as the opportunity of discovering other users who are enjoying the same modes as them at the same time will be higher.


Can players talk to other players on different platforms via voice chat?

If Cross Platform Multiplayer is turned on, then users on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S will talk to one another via voice chat.


Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Gen Progression?

NBA 2K24 supports Cross Progression across MyTeam & a Shared VC Wallet with players on the same console family (PS4 & PS5 or Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S). Players will be able to share MyTeam points, tokens & progress across both versions of NBA 2K24 on console generations within the same family. Likewise, players will be able to share any earned or bought VC across console generations within the same family.


Does NBA 2K24 support Cross Platform Progression?

Cross Platform Progression is unavailable in NBA 2K24 so users would not be able to share their MyTeam & MyCareer progress across different platforms.


NBA 2K24 Core Features:

  • Local Shared / Split Screen Co-op: Supported
  • Online Co-op: Supported
  • Local Shared / Split Screen PVP Multiplayer: Supported
  • Online PVP Multiplayer: Supported
  • Cross Play: Supported
  • Cross Gen Play: Not Supported
  • Cross Platform Progression: Not Supported
  • Cross Gen Progression: Supported

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