Does StrangerZ support Couch Split Screen and Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer | Cross Play | Cross Progression?

A F2P multiplayer survival horror video game. Players can control the Stranger or endure against him with their group until dawn. They can improve their statistics & rank by either enduring or eliminating every user.

Does StrangerZ support Co-op and PVP Multiplayer?
Does StrangerZ support Co-op and PVP Multiplayer?
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Does StrangerZ support Local Split Screen Co-op?

No, StrangerZ does not support Local Split Screen Co-op.


Does StrangerZ support Online Co-op?

Yes, StrangerZ supports Online Co-op. Players can make a group with their friends via the internet in this amazing horror game.


Does StrangerZ support Local Split Screen PVP Multiplayer?

No, StrangerZ does not support Local Split Screen PVP Multiplayer.


Does StrangerZ support Online PVP Multiplayer?

Yes, StrangerZ supports Online PVP Multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Players can team up with their buddies in this exciting survival game. They can choose their lobby size from one vs one to three vs one. One of the users will be chosen randomly at the beginning of the game as the Stranger. The remaining users will be survivors & have to guard the house from 12 am to 6 am. The game will be over when the Stranger crosses the Survivors defences & eliminates them or if the Survivors endure until dawn. Every win will offer players with rewards that can be used to purchase multiple items.


Does StrangerZ support Cross Play?

The creators have not disclosed any news regarding the addition of Cross Play in StrangerZ. This article will be updated once the developers disclose more information regarding multiplayer so check back soon.


Does StrangerZ support Cross Progression?

The creators have not revealed any information related to the addition of Cross Progression in StrangerZ. This article will be updated once more information regarding Cross Save is available so check back soon.


StrangerZ Multiplayer Description:

Survivors need to work in order to guard their home against the Stranger. 2 locks will be offered to the survivors that they can share as a squad at the beginning of the game. They can place the locks on the windows & retrieve them as well as a permalock will be offered to them that cannot be retrieved. Players need to use their gear such as spotlights, locks & security system etc. to discover from where the Stranger is attacking them & lock that window before he opens it. If the window is locked then there is no time for rest, as the Stranger will find another route to attack players. This process should be repeated until 6 am.


StrangerZ Core Multiplayer Modes:

  • Couch Split Screen Co-op: Not supported
  • Online Co-op: Supported
  • LAN Co-op: Not supported
  • Couch Split Screen VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Online VS Multiplayer: Supported for up to 4 players
  • LAN VS Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not yet confirmed

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