Does Clem support Couch and Online Co-op | PVP Multiplayer?

A story driven adventure game featuring puzzle elements. Players will awake in a world where riddles link with discovering the game world, intertwining an original story rooted in alchemy. A voice will wake up players. It offers them a purpose.

Does Clem support Co-op?
Does Clem support Co-op?
Image Credit: Iceberg Interactive

Does Clem provide Local Co-op?

No, Clem does not provide Local Co-op.


Does Clem offer Online Co-op?

No, Clem does not offer Online Co-op.

Does Clem support Local VS Multiplayer?

No, Clem does not support Local VS Multiplayer.


Does Clem provide Online VS Multiplayer?

No, Clem does not provide Online VS Multiplayer.


Does Clem support Cross Play?

No, Clem does not support Cross Play.


Clem Story:

The protagonist will wake up in a cold room. His senses will slowly adjust to the surroundings that strangely feel familiar. A feeling will remind players that things are not right. For guidance, players will discover a notebook with strange entries & a home to discover.


Clem Gameplay:

Puzzles intertwine with discovering the house. Players need to reveal a shadowy tale & confront many challenges.

Make magic toys to reveal secrets, access regions that were inaccessible before, & reclaim objects from the past as they reveal new revelations in familiar places.

Examine an uninhabited home with the guidance from a notebook & investigate a seemingly desolate house accompanied only by an obscure voice and a notebook full of annotations and drawings on alchemy, insects, and other creepy crawlies.

Players need to select their destiny in this dark narrative of manipulation, pride, mercy & revenge.

This game features 3D visuals that allows players to navigate in the 3D surroundings.

Players will solve hard & different riddles.


Summary: Clem Main Multiplayer Modes:

  • Offline Co-op: Not supported
  • Online Co-op: Not supported
  • LAN Co-op: Not supported
  • Offline PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Online PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • LAN PVP Multiplayer: Not supported
  • Cross Platform Multiplayer: Not supported

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